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Andy is the founder and Creative Content Director at BBM&A. He spent 11 years in the United States Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller. While in the military, he was responsible for the operations at 2 of the world’s busiest and most complex airports, awarded several academic achievements, and demonstrated an unmatched ability to lead his peers. He has overseen and managed construction projects for $16.3M Air Traffic Control facilities. As a civilian, Andy founded BBM&A after noticing how small to medium size businesses were struggling to promote their message, products, and service offerings. He spent the next three years developing marketing and advertising campaigns for local businesses, non-profits, civic organizations, and political candidates. Not only have these campaigns proven to be successful, but everyone involved had fun!

Andy and Marlana Sokolovich
Bent Business Marketing & Advertising

Since launching BBM&A Andy has been featured in the local paper with guest columns, worked with the area’s leading businesses, and assisted in organizing several successful events. Andy’s passion for helping business owners, both big and small, has led him to pursue a certification from Gallup making earning himself the title of Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach . You can learn more about our coaching business, Unleash Strengths, by visiting UnleashStrengths.com.

Marlana is a mother of 2, and the behind the scenes partner of BBM&A. She is responsible for all social media campaigns, organizing seminars, lectures, and classroom events. Serving 8 years active-duty in the Air Force, Marlana has been trained in Six Sigma, advanced leadership, Air Traffic Control facility management, teamwork/ethics, and budget planning.

Combined, they make up the area’s leading marketing and advertising agency.

We are a family run agency committed to helping your business succeed. We offer honest advice, always produce a quality product, and treat your company as if it was our own. At BBM&A we work to ensure you leave our office with a clear plan of action, and an excited outlook for your businesses future growth.

Andy and Marlana can be reached at 815-441-2219

Or email andy@bentbusinessmarketing.com or marlana@bentbusinessmarketing.com

Our Mission

Helping small business owners realize…

Your Business is Bent Not Broken
Let Us Help Straighten Things Out

The game has shifted, and the players have changed.

There has never been a better time to create an empire.

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