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local-searchHave you ever wondered how Google finds local businesses to display in your search query?

Let’s say you are looking for a restaurant in a town that you are not familiar with. You take your phone out of your pocket and “Google” the term Restaurants + the name of the town.

Now Google is pretty smart, so they show you all the local restaurant listings in the area, along with their address, telephone number, and directions via Google Maps.

Wow! Was that magic?

Absolutely not! Someone took the time to create that listing, and optimized it correctly to show up on the top of the results page.
What a smart way to draw more business. Can you imagine if that top space was reserved for your small business?

If you are close to a major highway, airport, train station, or bus depot, you can’t even begin to imagine how many local searches are conducted daily, and right outside your front door.

Along with all that cool info available to the user just by performing a simple search, they also have a direct link to that restaurant’s website.

That website was chalk full of cool features like an online menu, call ahead ordering, and a video created by the staff introducing the viewer to the history and the culture of their small town.

At Bent Business Marketing, we are well equipped to construct a listing for your business. The results will lead to more traffic, along with a few stolen customers from your competitors.

The only part that stinks about this “optimization” stuff, is that business owners usually have to install a revolving door due to the max influx of new traffic!

We don’t cover the cost of installation, but we might be able to recommend someone.

More than a 25% of small business owners fail to create a local listing in Google. That number is huge when you think about how many businesses exists.

Just think of the shear impact of developing a once and done local listing that continues to reach new customers, and with new customers comes more word of mouth!

That’s the real selling point. Building a huge following is great, but converting customers into advertising with a heart beat is awesome.

So do me a favor…

Google your type of business, include your small town, and tell me if you can find your local listing.

Go ahead and do it now…I’ll wait!

Did you find it?

If you did, was it optimized with all the cool features that your competitors have?

If you didn’t find it, PLEASE don’t waste anymore time!

You’re losing money by the day.

Let us help get you up and running on local search.

Here’s what you get:

  • 30 Mins local search training & brainstorming
  • Business Information Collection (we will need a ton of info about you business. Business name, date established, contact numbers, mailing address, etc.)
  • Build Google Places listing (will require a small postcard with access key code be mailed to the business address provided. This ensures that it is actually the owner trying to claim that local listing)
  • Establish Google+ Local profile (G+ is Google’s social media site, and a profile is automatically issued to businesses that claim their listing on Google Maps. It’s auto generated, but not optimized. That’s why we need all the business info)
  • Verify location is accurate on Google Maps *very important*
  • Create a video archive that will be associated with your local listing. (we use a simple camera that takes high quality video, and edit for size. It is then attached to your listing to increase exposure and page rank)
  • 30 Mins of profile maintenance training