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Educate and sell.

Share your genius on a specific topic, product, or service, and people will realize that you’re not one of those smarmy salesmen with greased-back hair. Buyers trust those that are able to explain how their product or service works.

Author an information packed PDF. Create a one page document that explains what it is you do, expose the tools of the trade, share hints, and provide how-to tips.

Make their life easier.

Teach them something. Offer it for free. It’s theirs for the taking.

Host on-location demonstrations. Invite people into your business. If you’re an electrician, invite people in and do a one-hour presentation on how to correctly swap out a light switch.

Educate and sell.

Call yourself an expert, and prove it by sharing your unmatched knowledge.

Potential customers are thirsty for information. Quench their thirst.

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