Full Service Retainer Package (2017)

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The Bent Business Marketing & Advertising full service retainer package is designed to give you the flexibility, availability, and responsiveness that comes with having an on-demand, in-house marketing team.The full service package equips your business with the skills necessary to reach your targeted audience.

Key Benefits

No required staff training, no employee taxes or benefits, no hardware or software investments, no additional equipment to buy, no failed attempts at doing it on your own.

Say you add an additional marketing professional to your staff at the modest annual salary of $40,500. Actual employee cost can be calculated by taking SALARY x 1.4(est.) to cover expenses incurred by employee taxes, workers compensation, paid vacation, etc.

That total comes out to $56,700.

Now this does not include the increase in use of office supplies, software, equipment, printer ink, which for marketing professionals can really add up. Let’s just say you factor in an additional $12,000 annually for that stuff.

So now we’re looking at $68,700 annually for just one marketing person on staff. One person alone will not be able to handle the marketing demands of your business. And what do you do if they call off sick?

Our full-service retainer packages equips your business with the professional skills of a web designer, graphic designer, copywriter, audio/video technician, Google AdWords expert, social media manager, and ad designer all rolled into a single monthly rate!

That’s seven professionals with the skills necessary to grow your business.

7 x $68,700 = $480,900

Can you afford to spend half a million dollars to employ your own marketing team?

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Retainer Package