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Logos are everywhere! To the average Joe, logos serve as a reminder of a company or a product; to the business owner they’re the hook on which their entire branding image hangs.

“I want to Thank Marlana and Andy of Bent Business Marketing, out of Clinton Iowa. I’m starting an incredible journey of being an “Artist,” didn’t know where to start with it. They made me a unique logo. I knew what I wanted and they designed it perfectly.~ Joan Cramer of Rollingwater Creations


To the designers they represent the awesome action of incorporating your ideas into a single graphic that you can use on your website, storefront, billboard, vehicle wrap, and business cards. In an age where every business should have a website to support their product or service, the demand for a amazing logo creation has never been greater!

Your logo, in order to work effectively at drawing in new business, must be:

– Simple (don’t over complicate the design)

– Memorable (think of the iconic Apple logo)

– Appropriate (it must match your business values and ethics)

– Long-Lasting (your logo is your finger print. It needs to be unique and recognized for years to come)

Your logo must also be designed in formats suitable for the smallest printing on stationary, to the largest display on a billboard. Our designers ensure your logo is built using the best in digital graphic technology. After you are 100% satisfied with the design, we will provide you with the image in the formats of Adobe Illustrator, PNG, PSD and JPG.

Our goal is to design a logo that fits YOU! Our process is as follows:

  • Overview- interview with the client to get the desired design description or idea
  • Research- research focused on the specific industry, its history, and your competitors
  • Mock design- create a sample logo design concept around the brief and research
  • Presentation- present  logo options to the client, receive feedback. This step will be repeated until project is completed.

*Our rates vary based on color selection and design complexity