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media-jumpstartI know you’ve been hearing about all of the benefits that comes with building a strong online presence.

But I can’t help to over emphasize the need for a ton of social proof!

Businesses today are built on trust.

The days of just thinking “if I build it, they will come” are over.

By creating a social profile on Facebook you are able to organically build trust, convey messages, and socialize with those that matter most.

Your customers!

Imagine if you had a couple hundred loyal followers all waiting at your door step eager to hear what the next deal is going to be, or super anxious for your next new product.

How much easier is it to sell to them, rather than building a entirely new set of followers?

Not only does it make your life easier, but it saves a ton of money in the process!

I know you want to save money. If you didn’t want to either save or earn, you probably wouldn’t own a small business.

Now you have these rabid followers begging for you to sell to them.

But selling on Facebook doesn’t work! You have to engage before you try to sell.

You need to let your customers know you care by sharing not only what’s going on around your business, but what’s been going on with YOU!

You are the face of the brand, and your opinion means more to your customers as an individual than as a entrepreneur.

Let’s just say you go to a party, and the first thing you do when you walk in, before greeting anyone, is yell at the top of your lungs…

“Hey, I got this widget here and I want you to buy it!”

How do you think you would be perceived by the other party goers?

Like a sleazy, slimy, snake oil salesman just looking to make a buck, and head out of Dodge!”

Now, this time, you walk in, make friends, share some pictures of your kids, acknowledge returning listeners, and then toward the later portion of the party, you kindly mention what you do, and what it is you sell.

Do you think those same patrons would be a little more interested in what you had in the trunk of your car?

Yes they would!

That’s how you approach social media.

It’s not a get rich quick approach that works the best, it’s a lengthy building of loyal followers, who appreciate your services, and are also willing through word of mouth, to promote your brand.

Let us help you get started!

What can BBM&A do for me?

With the Social Media Jump Start package, you will receive the following services:

  • 30 Mins of face-to-face Social Media 101 training
  • Profile setup (Create business profile, author keyword dense “About Me”, resize images for optimal fit for both profile & timeline)
  • Post 1 weeks worth of original content relevant to your business
  • Create page awareness w/other local business
  • Promote using Facebook Ads for 1 week (best way to put eyes on your page)
  • 30 Mins of How-To hands on training (posting, picture uploads, contests, etc.)