1 Product…Sold 10 Different Ways: Are you doing all you can to sell more stuff?


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When you are designing your advertising, you have to be aware of your targeted audience. For example, if you are in the business of selling Over-the-Counter drugs, and you are attempting to build awareness of the product and the symptoms it treats, you will have to write two separate ads that appeal to two separate buyers. The first ad being geared towards the sufferer or end-user, the person who is going to be washing that pill down with a full glass of water only after experiencing watering eyes, congestion, sneezing, itchy throat and dry mouth. That particular reader does not care about the individual ingredients so skip all of the medical terminology and drive the idea deep into their mind that the only reason to take that pill is to get rid of their symptoms.

Your second set of eyeballs is going to belong to the medical professionals that have a desire to learn not only the symptoms treated, but harmful drug pairings, contradictions and expected side affects. In this ad, we will want to include all of the eighteen plus letter words that can only be found in the back of a Gray’s Anatomy textbook. Your message is now being laid thick onto educated minds, that will dilute your information and prescribe this new-found miracle drug to their grateful patients.

One product with two distinct messages.

But you, as a small business owner can do the exact same, and profit like crazy but simply broadening your target market!

small__7027695813Imagine if you had a product designed for women, but you found that men were using it for a completely unrelated reason. Say you sell hand cream formulated to leave your hands insanely moisturized for up to 12 hours! But one day, and by pure accident, a husband tinkering around with his classic Chevy in his home garage, goes to use standard pump soap to wash his grimy hands, but instead mistakenly reaches for his wife’s coveted moisturizer cream. To his surprise, after only one pass with the cream over his blackened fingers, all of the grease is dissolved and easily washed away. His normal hand washing routine takes two or three rinses just to make his fingers appear somewhat gray and not very “clean.” The product he use to, zaps his skin of all moisture, and leaves his half cleansed hand super dry and cracked! Now, since he’s uncovered a hidden gem, asks his wife to buy two bottles of “her” cream, and to place one in the sink by the basement.

As a BBM trained advertiser, what do you surmise will be your next step?

That’s right! Start double tapping your products benefits, and create two separate ads, one directly appealing to the female user, and the other targeting the gear head, do-it-yourself, manly man! Consider redesigning a few of the bottles to look awesome sitting next to the Craftsman tool box or the greasy drip pan.

The best businesses know how to create one product, but sell it ten different ways.

Andy Sokolovich

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But a BBM professional never stops applying what they’ve learned!  ~Andy

 photo credit: andyreevo via photopin cc

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