…And then she laughed so hard she peed her pants!

Sense of HumorHow is your sense of humor effecting business?

Think of your favorite company.

Are they a nose to the grindstone, no time for fun kind of club?

My guess is what makes them so popular, especially in your eyes, is that they are the type of small business that enjoys what they do to the point that their laughter is infectious.

When I think about the businesses that I most admire, I find one factor that remains constant amongst them all.

They have perfected the skill of laughter!

Maintaining a productive work ethic, while at the same time enjoying each others company, creates a recipe for guaranteed success.

Not in the definition of success that you may be thinking, I’m talking about the type of success you won’t find in any of the popular biz books. I’m referencing the success that can’t be bought, written, or calculated.

True excitement, and a commitment to grow is built on a base of laughter. If you run your company with an iron fist, and haven’t cracked a smile sine you saw Caddy Shack in theaters, you are missing out! To me, the success of a company is only as strong as the personality it exudes.

Nothing bothers me more than seeing employees fearful of having fun, scared to tell an appropriately funny joke, or missing out on an opportunity to pull a legendary prank!

Businesses like Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, DE, have a Bocce court right outside of their brewery. You can often drive by on a Friday afternoon, and see all the employees tossing a ball while enjoying a cold brew.

You don’t have to install a Bocce court to create a fun atmosphere. I think a little Paper Football tourney would suffice.

My point is, as small business owners you have to make time for some fun and games. If the entire 40+ hour work week consists of nothing but normal everyday business stuff, then you are failing to see a golden opportunity to increase mission effectiveness. Employees will be motivated to let off a little steam, and if they know you, the boss, is just as excited, it makes makes the event so much more enjoyable.

By creating a little friendly competition, and applauding when the IT department bubble wraps all of the sales associates desks, you are telling your team that it’s acceptable to let their hair down once in a while. It’s your job to ensure things don’t get out of hand, but once you find that healthy balance, you’ll boost creativity while noticing a healthy response in all aspects of your business.

Sometimes this world can be a tough place to live.

Why not provide a little relief?

Live, Laugh & Love What You Do!


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