4 Things You Can Expect When Dealing With A Professional Advertiser


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If you want to advertise in a manner that will yield profitable results, you will have to provide the professional who’s designing your ad with a ton of information. Being creative is one thing, but being creative solely based on the fact that you have no hard facts is advertising suicide!

ajsoko-_FO73B71B8C36 copyEvery true, or even false statement, that has ever been spoken, printed or “Facebooked,” that mentions your business needs to be cataloged for future advertising reference. 

1) One of the easiest ways to design ads that kill, is to create a rebuttal to a common complaint.

Think of the worst thing anyone has ever said about your business. Now, write down your response just as if you two were sitting at a bar discussing whether spending money in your business was worth the investment. After you formulate a response that, in your opinion, would cause the argument to come to a screeching halt, youll have something solid to work with.

2)Be sure to document a clearly defined list of benefits.

A list that consists of every possible benefit one would receive when choosing to do business with you. It doesn’t matter how insignificant you feel it may be, write it down! Remember, we are designing an ad that will attract new business. Not those who are already accustomed to receiving your stellar service.

If you are outsourcing the creation of your advertising, be sure to take all of your newly defined benefits with you to your first meeting. The more information an advertiser has to build a solid base, the faster you can expect a return on your investment. Creative type people love coming up with something eye-catching and brilliant, but a creative mind combined with a solid source of benefits will yield amazing results!

3) Be prepared to receive a ton of questions that begin with the word “Why?”


 Why would make me want to buy this product?

You’re going to want to develop some thick skin. Not all advertisers, especially me, are going to come at you with kitten gloves. They will dig for underlying issues that will prevent you from offering the best service or products possible. I enjoy going through the purchase process, or experience the services available in order to see the offer through the eyes of the customer. If I notice any hiccups or road blocks that will prevent me from having an awesome experience, I will highlight those in my initial report. I will also suggest some changes you can implement immediately to better serve the final user.

 Copywriter John Matthews wrote, “You learn a lot more about poker when you play for money and not for chips.”

 4) With the sheer mass of information overload a single person experiences every single day, you have to keep in mind that your ad might be a little edgy.

Not crazy, but it will need to cut through a ton of clutter.

 Frank Rose stated in his awesome book The Art of Immersion, “People today are experiencing an authenticity crisis, and with good reason. Value is a function of scarcity, and in a time of scripted reality TV and Photoshop everywhere, authenticity is a scarce commodity.”

 Have fun advertising your vision. Sometimes what is obvious to you is not obvious to those who matter most.

 Your customers.

 Andy Sokolovich




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