4 Time-Saving Tips for Building a Following on the World Wide Web

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Think of everything you’ve sacrificed to make your dream a reality. Your nose is scarred from years against the grindstone, and your growth is directly attributed to your passion and tenacity. But what if I told you that the business world in which you grew up in was about to change? Not slightly, but in a major way!

The truth, is that over 48% of customers make their purchase decisions, ONLY after researching additional options online. Even brick-and-mortar businesses are noticing that the number of competitors popping up online is tripling every year. That’s directly attributed to the “dot.com” generation of computer savvy entrepreneurs who are able to market and sell anything online. Now, there are a ton of business owners out there struggling to keep up with the technological behemoth known as the internet.

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Just because the method in which you do business is becoming increasingly more digital, it doesn’t mean that you have to carve out extra time learning how to build websites, construct a social media page or create a new logo on Photoshop. Building a successful online following is possible, and the best part is, you can do it without investing more of your time and energy.

If you understand the importance of building a presence online, but can’t bear the thought of adding something else to your “to do” list, here are 4 time-saving tips for building a following on the World Wide Web!

1)     Hire someone to do it for you! There are hundreds of highly trained professionals just begging for your business. Everything from web design, logos, Facebook pages to food menus can all be outsourced. If you are timid about doing business online, find a local design team that can meet with you, and apply your personality to the final product. Obviously, that’s my favorite option! I’ve recently teamed up with a graphic design firm in Davenport, IA and now offer all of the above plus a healthy dose of extras.

2)     Leverage the talents of broke college students. We all know the struggles associated with funding higher education. Look to your local community college for students of design who are looking to make a quick buck. They need the experience, plus you might use that opportunity to snipe future employees! Everyone wins, and with the web growing larger and larger, you will more than likely need to staff your own designer.

3)     If you have kids, and are continually chastising them for their unquenchable addiction to social media, you may have uncovered a hidden gem of opportunity to better your business. Enlist the help of those whom are closest to you! Your family can help by developing a social media profile for  your store or service. Challenge them with building a following on your Facebook page. Reward them for their efforts, and provide them with the tools they need to engage with your community online.

4)     Do you have a NO “Facebooking” policy in your office? I’ve worked for a few businesses in my time who viewed connecting with people via social media as a complete waste of time, and took away from our required duties. But why not take those biggest offenders, and convert them into “Online content creators?” Obviously they know their way around a computer, so redirect their skills toward something that will prove to be a more productive use of their time. Allow them to leverage the power of the internet to research your demographic, see what your competitors are up to, and start promoting your business right where your customers are guaranteed to see it! A happy employee is both more productive, and eager to help you build your business.

OK! So no more excuses. Start utilizing your existing assets, and get up to par with 2013 marketing standards. Choosing to ignore the shift toward a virtual business world will only end badly. While the internet may give you some heartburn, when you start to familiarize yourself with all of the cool tools available, you’ll begin to understand what all of the fuss was about.

Technology is a truly awesome thing! Especially if you are looking to make more money!

I am…are you?

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