5 Categories All Positive People Fit Into

www.BentBusinessMarketing.comAre you in, what I like to dub the “Funk Zone”?


The Funk Zone, is that dark place where we sometimes fall when life doesn’t seem to be taking us in the direction we desire. Especially, when you are trying to do something that grinds against the status quo!

Life can be really confusing and seem unfair at times.

I’m not writing this blog post trying to play it off like I haven’t spent time in the Funk Zone. In fact, the opposite is true!

It’s very hard for me to stay focused, and I often lose track of my end goal.

I know how hard it can be to toss out that lifeline and attempt to crawl your way out. The best thing you can do when you find yourself losing forward momentum, is surround yourself with individuals that are insanely positive!

You know the type. Those select few who could be on a plane plummeting to earth from 30,000ft, and still be happy with what they accomplished in life. They seem annoying sometimes, because you think no one’s life can be that great!

But I believe their life is as awesome as they perceive it to be.

So instead of being jealous of their ability to keep moving forward without blinking, I decided to do a little research.

I came up with 5 categories all positive people fit into.

Now, there is absolutely no science or psychological studies that were conducted to back my theory. These five are completely based on my simple observations.

I wouldn’t cut and paste this into your college thesis report, but it makes sense to me.

1) They measure the severity of each occurrence based on something that happened to them earlier in life. Not exactly a “it could be worse” response, but a silent comparison that we don’t hear. In their own way, they evaluate the situation, and determine that it’s just not worth getting upset about.

2) Religious beliefs that instill a thought that everything will be fine. A strong belief in a higher power can help individuals place their fate in the hands of an outside influence. They are guided by a predestined road map, and this awkward change of events is just a bump in their path towards a bigger  purpose.

3) Their motivation is stronger than their desire to quit. An individual is motivated by a need to support their family, pay medical bills, or save to buy that new house. These people are driven by a motivation that fails to waiver in the presence  of naysayers. Nothing will stop them from reaching their goals.

4) Nothing left to lose! That pretty much sums it up. These folks have dipped so low in the recent past, that they view their life as only heading in one direction…UP!


5) They have a strong support system that constantly motivates, and encourages them to be successful. It might be family, co-workers, or just a close group of friends. A support group is one of the strongest influences on any individual facing diversity. A group can join together to help you see past the pitfalls, and steer you back on the straight and narrow.

You may already be one of the 5 listed above, and for that I say thank you. Without your support, there would be several ideas that were never heard, companies that were never built, and dreams that were never reached.

If you find yourself living in the Funk Zone, quickly find someone that fits into these categories, and staple them to your jacket!

The best thing for you right now is not to lose sight of your goals.

You’re so close you can taste it!


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