5 Things Google Won’t Do for You


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Have you ever Googled your business?

You might be surprised by what you find. While Google will reveal such things as location, driving directions, websites, related articles and social media profiles, there are a few things that the search giant won’t do for you.

These 5 things are a product of well formulated marketing campaigns and advertising.

If your business is void of either, you are essentially hitting the mute button on your message.

1)   Why you are in business

A Google search will never have the ability to expose the true reason you, the owner, decided to go into business for yourself. Sure, you can cruise on over to the “About Us” section of your website, and read a 300-500 word description that might have been authored by the owner, or maybe the web designer, but either way, it will lack the personal feel. That’s something you will need to convey to the public through a well written and printed press release or interview. I strongly recommend finding a talented author who knows how to format a release, and have them draft something that puts you in the spotlight.

Never underestimate the authority of a powerful press release. Even in the digital age, a solid release can expose your brand to a massive audience!

2)      Your ideal customer

In order to clearly define your ideal customer, you have to understand the lifestyles and characteristics that make up the person whom you want to see frequenting your store. Sit down and draw a stick figure. Next to that stick figure, I want you to give them a name, gender and a list of their hobbies. Also, include employment, number of children, married or divorced, create your ideal client from scratch. Through targeted advertising, you will now have the knowledge to display your message directly to Bob, Jane or Jackie.

Appeal to their needs, and provide them with adequate advantages to doing business with you.

3)      Who you are

There are a ton of marketers and advertising men who still hold true to the fact that consumers don’t care who you are, where you’ve been and what you believe. They only focus on the product and price! I know for a fact that the personality and attitude of the person selling the products or service plays an important role in the purchase decision. Just think of the last time you had a horrific experience dealing with a manager, owner or sales associate. Were you quick to recommend that business to your friends and family? I would hope you would save them the same heartache. Never be afraid to get personal with your customers. Your marketing and advertising efforts can provide both a reason to buy, as well as a description of the person they are buying from.

It’s always easier to do business with someone you have a connection with.

4)      The true value of your product or service

We’ve talked about this topic a ton in the past, but there is a clearly defined difference between a perceived value and the true value. You are almost always focused on the dollar value, and for the most part, so is the consumer. But they will fail to see the true value unless you expose it! A plumber is not only in the business of fixing a leaky faucet. His skill and repair will do much more than perceived by the home owner. A leaky faucet will waste anywhere between 10-15 gallons of water a month. That comes out to be 120-180 gallons a year. And that’s a single faucet! With the rising cost of water, you could be literally, pouring money down the drain. Not to mention the mind numbing sound of constant dripping throughout the night. A distraction resulting in a loss of sleep, and if you’ve ever been threatened with not enough rest, you understand the implications.

You have to be able to highlight those values in your advertising. That’s the real reason people spend money! And to them, its money well spent, regardless of the price.

5)      Why your customers choose you

If you are a smart marketer, you will have a system for capturing testimonials. And be sure to document both the good and the bad! A business with only great reviews seems too good to be true. Even if you’ve been in business less than six months, you have already acknowledged the fact that you can’t please everyone. Inevitably you will have the one guy who seems to hunt you down, and bash you for no reason. But it’s your job to ensure your customer’s experience is cataloged and broadcasted for the world to see. Google does a pretty good job of placing reviews close to the top of their search. But if you leave it up to them to find a review, you might not be too pleased with the results. Give them something to work with! Create a testimonials page on your website, or enlist the help of third-party review sites like Google+ for business, Yahoo Local, Angie’s List or if you are a doctor, MyDocHub.

Stay focused on what people are saying about you! And if you have the ability, be sure to respond politely, and with no retaliation.

In today’s market place, the customer is always right!

Andy Sokolovich

P.S. If you want to leave us a testimonial, good or bad, be sure to email it to [email protected]. Even better, slap it on our Facebook page for maximum exposure! ~Andy

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