7 Effective Time Sensitive Tips to Creating Killer Content Online

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Time is the one thing that we can never have enough of. Despite the speed of the clock, you can’t deny the overwhelming amount of exposure you can build for both yourself, and your business after you decide to create sharable content online.

small__2333409688The trick is finding the time to make it happen! Once you get started, you’ll quickly notice yourself falling into a rhythm. Content will flood the pages of your blog, social media sites and online profiles.

7 Effective Time Sensitive Tips to Creating Killer Content Online

 1) Treat your blog like a journal

A blog on your website is just like a personal journal. While it’s not necessary to share the most intimate details with your customers, giving them an inside peek into your personal life is a great idea if you want to be perceived as human. The old 80/20 rule plays nicely into compelling blog content. Be real 80 percent of the time, and only reveal the salesman in you 20 percent of the time. Build a relationship, and grow trust.

 2) Document your thoughts early

Even though you want nothing more than to crawl back into that warm bed, your brain is ready to rock and roll! Take the time in the early hours to document your ideas, dreams, thoughts, and “must tell” stories. It won’t take you long to pump out 250-300 words, and just like that morning workout you struggle to get in, once it’s done…it’s done!

3) Keep a pad and pencil next to your bed

The most innovative ideas pop into our heads while we are deep in dreamland. Have you ever had a brilliant vision appear at 1:00 AM, and you swore that you would remember it in the morning? Chances are, you probably forgot, and now you’ve lost it. That single thought could have been a total game changer. The next iPod, ShamWow, or Clapper!

4) Schedule out your social media posts

There are third party sites out there that will allow you to create posts, and schedule them to release at a later date or time. HootSuite.com is a popular scheduler, but adopting this tactic comes with a few downsides. Your posts will indicate “posted via HootSuite.” That little blurb takes the personality out of your social efforts. Your content comes off looking too mechanical, and viewers will get the impression that you don’t care about connecting with them online. While using a scheduled posting site is an option, I would use caution, and avoid becoming too comfortable.

The right now is real, and real is good!

5) Leverage the tech savviness of youth!

If you have children, you can appoint them to be your social media content managers. They are more than likely spending way too much time on Facebook anyway, so you might as well have them posting content on your behalf. School them on what makes your business stand out! Provide content guidelines that consist of images, status updates and shared posts. Not only will you be focusing their obsession, you’ll be teaching them about your business. Before you know it, they will be coming up with their own innovative marketing concepts, and taking a huge load off of your shoulders!

6) Let your voice guide you

There are several applications out there that exist on both Android and Apple devices that allow you to record your thoughts using your phone’s internal mic. You can then email yourself the recording for later reference. Even better, you can start recording a podcast that ads to your ever growing mass of digital media. Spreaker.com is an awesome site that allows you, for FREE, to record up to ten hours of audio content, and blast it out on the web for the world to hear! I like to record my episodes while walking around town. The noise of the passing cars adds to the ambiance of a live recording. It’s convenient, simple, and awesome for search engine optimization!

7) Add content creation to your job description

We all need some kind of guidance in our endeavors. Online marketing is one of those things that is insanely important, but often neglected. Kind of like an oil change for your car. You know you need to do it, but things keep coming up that take precedence. Compose yourself a description of your daily duties, and be sure building killer online content is high up on your list. Laminate that bad boy and paste it to the top right corner of your computer monitor where it won’t be ignored.

I just gave you 7 tips that will have you cranking out digital content like an assembly line. Time will no longer be your excuse. Transform your social status one key stroke at a time.

Just be patient!

Andy Sokolovich



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