7 Ways To Recruit (Steal) Any Employee From Your Competitor


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Brian J.

In this Bent Business post, we’ll be going over 7 Ways To Recruit (Steal) Any Employee From Your Competitor. This topic may seem a little “cut-throat,” but when it comes to building a dream team, you can’t hold anything back.

On Target

1) Culture – When you ask someone if they like what they do and the people they work with, what do they say?  When you ask someone if they truly believe in their company’s mission, vision and purpose, what would they say?  Do they even know their company’s mission, vision and purpose?  These are all critical to providing a positive culture in your company.  If you have these items set up in your company that promote a positive work culture, that encourages individuals to strive for excellence every day as well as encouraging internal advancement to increase productivity.  With these objectives in mind, you should have no trouble promoting your culture to top external candidates from your competitors.

2) Starting Wage – Are people motivated by money?  I had a professor in college that argued this and believed people are not motivated by money but by success; and with success typically money is there as well, but not always.  I believe people are motivated by money as well as striving for success.  People are motivated by money to provide a better life for themselves and their family.  In this economy, companies are slashing wages and benefits due to their fear of regulations from our government.  Does your company offer a competitive wage that offers a higher starting wage than your competitor(s)?  If you are lower, what are your fears?  Can you afford not to invest in your business by representing your company with top candidates?  It only takes one visit to a business that is poor to put a bad taste in the customer’s mouth.  That one person tends to tell 8-10 people on average of their experience, which then develops the domino effect in the wrong direction.  First impressions are everything.  Make yours count with superior customer service by paying your employees what they deserve, I guarantee you will see a higher quality of work put forth on a day to day basis.

3) Presentation – How do you present your company to a potential applicant of a competitor?  For example, showing your home for an open house or displaying a dinner order at a fancy restaurant; presentation is everything!  How you represent your company and present the key facts of its success and growth potential are critical to making a candidate interested.  If you want to encourage top recruits from competitors to be interested in your business, you need to be able to thoroughly explain the success your business has had and what the future holds for your company.  In today’s economy many people are searching for the potential of financial security through long term employment.  Top candidates will select you based on first impression and details of your company’s potential to satisfy their long term needs.  The most common reasons why people decide to leave their job include poor management, lack of communication, lack of hours and no chance of advancement within the company.  Do you want to be this company?

4) Employee Referrals – In my experience, the best leads on top candidates come from your current employees.  Use them as a positive influence on your company.  Go to your “A Players” for referrals first to pick their brain on who they may know who would positively contribute to your main objective; growing your business.  The main reason I state, go to your “A Players” first is they get it!  They understand the business and they know what it takes.  They typically will only refer those who they truly believe can handle the business, handle the workflow and understand the vision of the company as well as the direction it is seeking.

5) Customer Referrals – Use your customers as a positive influence on your company by informing them of your employment needs.  Your customers may have the perfect person in mind that happens to work at your competitor who provides superior customer service; certainly one of the attributes that you look for in a top candidate.  Loyal customers are willing to do whatever it takes to keep a business they love in business.  Promote an incentive to your customer if they are able to recruit a top candidate for your business, and they are hired, you are willing to provide a discount on their future purchase(s).

6) Research – I strongly encourage you to research your competitors and stay informed with their business decisions.  It is important to stay aware of their business decisions that may draw their top candidates to look elsewhere for employment.  For example, Walgreen’s has restructured their management structure a few times in the last few years due to large accounts being lost in the pharmaceutical area, which in fact is a large portion or their business.  CVS pharmacy and other local pharmacies as well as similar organizations were waiting open arms for those top candidates who were frustrated at their company’s business decision(s).  I strongly encourage you to actively recruit on a weekly to bi-weekly basis to your competitors and see what their employees have to offer.  Your shining star employee could be a competitor away!

7) Company Web Site – Social media and online resources are where individuals look for everything these days.  Especially interested applicants looking for job opportunities, where do they look?  Most likely not the newspaper, online sites such as: Career Builder, Monster, Indeed.com and company web sites they research through Google or Yahoo seem to be the popular choice.  Make your company’s web site appealing and with a modern presentation style. This is the best place to explain your company’s history, get the word out!  Why should they consider working for you? What are the job benefits? What are the career benefits? You have unlimited space to tell your story and should take advantage of the opportunity.  Give them multiple ways to get their information to you (online, fax, phone, email, in person, etc.).  I do have one final note on listing your openings on your website. Don’t ever say, “No positions are currently available”. That is like putting a sign up in your business and saying we are out of stock on what you are looking for. You will have lost an opportunity to serve that person now and possibly in the future; the same goes for the right candidate.  Get their information no matter what!



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