A Trick That Will Take Your Ad from Suck to Success In Under 5 Clicks of the Mouse


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Strap on your helmets folks, I’m about to kick your right-brain into overdrive!

What I am about to teach you is one of the coolest tricks in the copywriting and advertising handbook for dummies.

medium_66880542Marketing mastermind Jay Abraham taught me this trick inadvertently through a YouTube broadcast. It was featured in a video from one of his thousands of seminars that he charges an insane amount of money to attend. 

For that kind of dough, you’d better pay attention! But that’s why I love YouTube.

I do have to admit though, just before Jay spoke about the strategy that I am going to reveal, I was totally spaced out. Not a single synapse in my brain was firing as a reaction to what Jay was talking about. I was already lost in La-La Land dreaming of what it would be like when business owners applied my teachings, and started referring to me as a mastermind.

What an awesome concept! I make money helping other people make money. Brilliant.

Anyway, Jay started mentioning some stuff about advertising and writing attractive sales copy. You know, the type of writing that gets people to buy your stuff. Just think of the text version of the late night infomercials you see on TV. Those guys, who are all fast talkers, but have an amazing amount of energy. The words that come out of their mouths were written by some genius hunched over a legal pad making millions!

So naturally, Jay’s preface to an amazing reveal captured my interest.

He started by asking the audience if they had ever come up with brilliant verbiage for a commercial or radio show on their own…100% by yourself with no outside influences. A few cocky crazies in the shadows raised their hands, but most them were humbled enough to acknowledge the fact that very few ideas are sparked out of nothing.

Next Jay asked, “Where do writers go to get information on the product they are trying to advertise? A place where there are not only industry specific terms being thrown around, but also a wealth of actual user testimonials, both positive and negative.” At this point, I paused the video, and attempted to answer the question myself. I could come up with a few websites, magazines or maybe even the library, but none of those really sounded like what Jay had described. After about three minutes, I decided to hit play and wait for the big reveal.

Jay said to the audience, “How many of you have visited the website Amazon.com?” A ton of hands shot up like prairie dogs from beneath the dirt. Duh! Pretty much everyone has been to Amazon. It’s the online leader in retail sales, and has pretty much anything you could ever need. But what Jay was trying to point out, is that every single product on Amazon is accompanied by a description, and usually between 50 -1,000 customer reviews.

All of that text sitting right there primed and ready for the picking!

As a copywriter, or small business owner looking to write an ad on their own, Amazon has proven to be a masterful resource. Users describe the product in detail, and they are never ones to hold back bashing it either. Their descriptions usually indicate a comparison in competitive products on the market, and they always close with a saying like this, “I’m glad I bought product XYZ. It was an expensive decision, but at the end of the day, it has proven to be well worth the investment!”

So imagine that you sell a similar product in your stores, nothing prevents you from going into Amazon’s product reviews section, selecting a few positive comments, stringing them together, and formulating an awesome piece of sales copy for your next quarter page ad in the Clinton Herald.

Never try to describe a product as you, the seller, see it. The true value will be lost on your eyes because you are focused on the profit margin, and not how the damn thing is used!

There you go. A trick that might just make you rich!

Andy Sokolovich

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