Are You A Professional Complainer?

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It’s apparent that our society is somewhat deserving of the title Professional Complainer.

Are You A Professional Complainer?

As we get closer and closer to the Presidential election, people are a little more willing to lash out at a particular party over a shared concern, or debate a hot topic that they’re passionate about.

I get excited about a group’s newly found passion, and their instant desire to make a difference.

But then one thing  that tends to happen…

The action takers are muffled by the professional complainers!

When it comes to making changes, we are more responsible to ensure those changes go through, than our elected political leaders. As a society, it is our right to request issues be addressed, and it has always been our dream to see our requests carried out.

You became an entrepreneur for a reason.

You had a dream based on success, and hopefully, backed by the idea that your efforts will help the local community.

Unfortunately, when surrounded by all the pressures of owning your small business, you may have drifted away from the #1 reason your business exists in the first place.

Your customers.

They depend on you. You customers look to you as a leader in your small community. As an entrepreneur, you made plenty of sacrafices, and took risks when starting up your venture.

You became an action taker.

As action takers, it is up to us to convey the thoughts of our closest professional complainers. It is also our job to help those pros see that taking action makes a difference.

More often than not, professional complainers fail to realize how strong one person’s influence can be on a group.

Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, or Harriet Tubman.

Any of those names ring a bell?

Yesterday, I went out to a local area in my community along the Mississippi River that’s popular for runners and lunch goers looking to relax. I often run along this section of water, and while I enjoy the view, if you take a closer look at where you’re stepping, the ground is littered with fast food chain cups, straws, bags, and endless packets of dipping sauces.

In an effort to beautify this much loved section of river side property, I went to the store, bought a full box of heavy duty trash bags, non latex gloves, and a case of bottled water. I placed a small sign on one of the picnic tables that said I was going to take action, clean up, and hoped passerby’s  would grab a pair of gloves, a bag, and help pick up the trash.

I stayed out there for five hours, and ended up collecting over twelve bags of trash!

Man, I was proud of my accomplishments!

A few people driving by thanked me from their position behind the wheel, and acknowledged the need for a good tiding up.

My actions were initiated, not only by my desire to live in a clean community, but by listening to all the complaints resonating from other local outdoor enthusiasts, that often preached about their desire to have a cleaner place to dine & exercise.

Well, my mission was a success!

The successful part being the overall cleanup. But, I did fail in acquiring any help. I used up one pair of gloves, one bottle of water, and just over twelve trash bags that were moved by one single person’s effort.

The lack of participation wasn’t due to a shortage of foot traffic.

I believe the reason no one volunteered their services, was because as professional complainers, we’ve become…

Scared of action takers!

I might have been perceived as a local prisoner on work release, someone fulfilling their community service time issued by a robe wearing leader of the law, or a salesman that was attempting to perform a good deed in order to monetize his efforts later in the day.

Maybe it was that no one wanted to be the first person to help. Just like signing up for a raffle or drawing, it’s often smart to for the organizer to slap their name down first to break through the fear of being number one.

I don’t know the reason, but I hope it wasn’t because I was surrounded by professional complainers!

As you are about to finish up reading this post, I want you to ask yourself when was the last time you took action?

When did you last make a change for the better?

Have you stepped outside your comfort zone, and solved a problem that was often complained about, but no one ever took action to change?

If it is has been awhile, then lead by example and show your local community that small business owners are most definitely action takers!

Organize a group clean up, work to renovate an existing community eye sore, help your lower income neighbors,  or acknowledge a struggling business and provide them with some guidance.

It’s time to make a difference, and the nice thing about being an action taker is, even if no one follows in your foot steps today, people are watching, and soon…

you will be rewarded for your efforts!


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