Are You Prepping For The Social Boom?

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How many of you vowed to never create a Facebook profile?

Why would I want people knowing about my personal life?”


Today, how many of you spend over an hour or so sifting through a massive amount of status updates, pictures, videos, and search for that person you just met at the local coffee shop?

My guess is that more of you were bitten by the social buzz, than those that stiff armed the insanely popular “Like” button.

If you’re worried about your privacy, you might want to never access the internet again!

Did you know that I can advertise to you online using Google’s network? I build my ads so that they show up on the right side of your screen based on the words that are typed inside the body of your Gmail? So if someone sends you an email about buying that new dress at Dillard’s, you can almost guarantee you’ll see a few ads from Dillard’s.

If you think that’s scary, your mind would be blown if I revealed some of my most coveted trade secrets.

You need to forget about privacy if you want to use the internet to market your business. What I’m predicting, is that social media is shifting¬† into turbo mode in 2013. Search engine optimizers have a hunch that social popularity on sites like Facebook, Twitter and especially Google+ will play a huge role in where your sites rank in search engines. Building an online presence is great, but if you’re hard to find, the process can be lengthy. It can take years for your website to creep up the rankings on search.

Your website acts like your home base. Everything you do on social media branches off your site like a spider web. It’s all connected, and every branch is a road map to your content or product. I compare this style of campaign to the books that allow you to choose your own path. Say a potential customer finds you on Twitter. Inside your Twitter profile they click on a link that directs them to your Facebook profile. On your Facebook page they see an image of that new product you introduced the day before. They click on the link you included in the image description. That takes them to the page on your website that also includes a simple PayPal checkout process.

If your sales offer is compelling enough, they’ve already decided to buy what you’re selling. An exchange of money for goods takes place, and the transaction is complete.

You just leveraged the power of social media to make money!

What really makes the entrepreneurial hair stand up on the back of my neck, is that the entire process cost you almost nothing! The Twitter profile you set up was FREE, and the pic you loaded up on Facebook was FREE. Those two social interactions earned you a sale. That sale could have been exactly what you needed to put a fresh coat of paint on your storefront, pay the power bill, or upgrade your in-store checkout process.

When you make money, and invest it back into your business, good things tend to happen. Great things happen when you understand how to use the tools the World Wide Web has to offer.

The social boom is coming! Are you prepared?

Andy Sokolovich





photo credit: nixter via photopin cc

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