Baby Boomer? Don’t Use Your Generation As An Excuse Why Not To Market Your Small Business Online

www.BentBusinessMarketing.comDo you limit your marketing efforts because you don’t understand technology?

In fact, it was the Boomer generation that helped make social media what it is today!

Technology develops so quickly, that it’s almost impossible for anyone, no matter their age, to keep up with.

But don’t limit yourself to advertising in the paper and phone book because it feels “comfortable.”

The online community is alive and thriving! And the best part is…

they are looking for you!

Age is the number one excuse I get when I approach a business owner about marketing their product or service online. It must be scary to learn something brand new. Especially, when your methods converted really well back in 1982.

Times have changed!

It’s necessary for today’s entrepreneurs to update their methods, and witness the shear volume of success associated with building a strong presence online.

Never in history, has technology given the new age business owner so many platforms in which he or she can zero in on those that have already shown interest in what they’re selling. It wasn’t too long ago, that you had to spend a huge chunk of your budget on advertising.

Print is still expensive, but newspapers, phone books, and magazines are starting to notice a huge decline in participants. In their case, the integration of social media has been bad for business. Luckily for you though, it has given you an opportunity to build an empire of loyal followers who help spread the word through Likes, shares, and re-tweets.

The saying is often repeated in my industry that “our (Generation X & Y) grandparents would be better equipped to run a business today than we are.”

They knew the importance of engaging with their customers on a personal level. Memorizing first names, birth dates, and anniversaries, they created an experience for the shopper that online retail (e-commerce) fails to create.

Today, given the technology and disclosure of Facebook and other online Social Media, these important dates can be archived, and used to bring back that nostalgic feeling of being noticed.

If it worked back then, what makes you think it will fail today?

Even large corporations understand the importance of being online. They often redirect customers to their Facebook page before sending them to their actual website!

Business giants like Coca-cola, Geico, AT&T, all recently cranked their online marketing efforts into overdrive!

So don’t use your age or generation, as an excuse to explain why you “can’t do anything online!”

While I can’t force you to start up a Facebook page, or build a website, I can tell you this…

If you fail to conform, the business world won’t stop rotating, it will continue to find new innovative ways to build brands, and you’ll end up being a sun bleached sign hanging from some old brick store front.

Bent Business Marketing exists because there are things you need to know.

The best thing you can do, is to educate yourself, and stay up to date on the latest and greatest online methods to promote your business.

If you made it this far down my post, you’re already ahead of your competition.

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Together, we can create a marketing plan that will leave Joe Blow next door choking on your dust!

Success is awesome! If you’re into that kind of thing 🙂


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