Business Networking: When the Going Gets Tough…the Tough Team Up!

Master Local Marketing SummitI’m pretty excited about attending this year’s Master Local Marketing Summit in Dallas, Texas.

This will be my first marketing conference in the Lone Star State. I hope to be able to network with a lot of intelligent individuals, who share a common goal in supporting local small businesses with cutting-edge marketing tactics.

As entrepreneurs, we have to understand that we can`t go at this alone!

Business Networking: When the Going Gets Tough...the Tough Team Up!

Everyone needs help. Even the most experienced businessman surrounds himself with individuals that help steer his or her small business towards success.

As I stated in my last post, surrounding yourself with motivated individuals that are just as passionate as you are, puts your creativity into overdrive.

This weekend will give me a chance to connect with individuals who have paved a new path in small business marketing.

My goal is to add as many of these local marketing gurus to my network list as possible!

Networking is essential for the success of any business venture.

Often when business starts to turn stagnant, we fail to view this time as an opportunity to team up with another business and combine our efforts to create something truly unique.

For example, if you are residential plumber, why not team up with a local contractor that installs bathroom cabinetry?

What if you are cosmetologist, and had the chance to team up with the local photographer?

Or what if you are a marketer and chose to link up with a talented web designer?

By combining your efforts, you could be tapping into a brand-new market.

A new market, that before joining forces, you never thought was even interested in your product or service.

A quick word of warning…

Just make sure the company you team up with shares the same common goal as you do.

If you find yourselves disagreeing on everything, whether it’s about advertising, marketing, or determining a set price, it might be evidence that it’s time to jump ship!

Maybe this weekend I’ll find the peanut butter to my jelly, and together, help small business owners realize that there is a smarter way to spend their hard earned money.

Plus, it always helps to get a second opinion on any ideas you may have rolling around in you head.

Even though you think your ideas may sound crazy, to someone else it may sound like the pot of gold they been looking for!

So tomorrow, I’ll be traveling down south to Dallas Texas. When I come back, I’ll have a wealth of information to share, and apply towards my business’s success.

I’ll try to create a few blog post while I’m down there, but my time will be extremely limited.

I hope ya`ll have a great weekend, and don’t hesitate to give us a ring.

We’d love to give you the opportunity to pick our brain!

I guess I need to take my cowboy hat out of storage 🙂


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