Do You Really Need a New Website? 6 Must Answer Questions about Your Existing Site

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Before you start saving for that website upgrade, there are six questions you need to ask before you hire a professional designer. The answers you come up with, will determine whether or not your investment in a new site is even worth it.

hotornotDoes my site load quickly?

The average web browser will give your site approximately five seconds to load before they are hitting that back button. In the web world, this action is referred to as a bounce. Large graphics, animated icons and enormous files will cause your site to load slowly.

So, if it takes more than five seconds for your site to fully load, you might want to consider an upgrade.

Is my site easy for the viewer to understand?

You are familiar with the layout of your site, and have a general idea of where everything is, but will the hard-hitting powerful sales content be easy for a first time visitor to find? Say someone lands on your site and they are looking for specific pricing for an advertised item, if the site is set up properly, they should have no problems locating that information and completing the sales process. If not, what changes can you make that will comfortably point them in the right direction?

Grab the help of a friend who is completely unfamiliar with your site. Ask them to go through the entire online buying process, and see how easy it is for them to go from start to sale. If you don’t sell anything on your site, replace the product with your message. Is it difficult for someone to quickly determine why your site exists?

Is my site attractive to look at?

Human nature studies have determined that our attention will always drift towards the more attractive option. That being said, is your site a 10 on the “Hot or Not” scale, or is it resting deep down in the 2-3 range? A site that is unappealing to the eye will result in an incredible amount of viewer bounce. Your message will never be fully consumed, and if you are trying to sell merchandise online, you can almost guarantee every visitor’s cart will be empty!

It might be time to slap some lip gloss on your outdated website, and take advantages of the many attractive options offered from talented local web designers.

Will the visitor have fun once they land on my site?

A website is not something that should just sit there and take up space on the web. There are tons of tools available which allow the visitor to interact directly with your business, company or organization online. Chat windows, social media connect, 360 degree product images and user testimonial videos all add to the overall “fun factor.”

The goal of your online presence should never be to simply exist. It should be to connect with the visitor on a personal level, and provide them with a solid reason to keep coming back for more!

Is my message or sales process clear?

This question is similar to number two stated above, but I can’t over express how important it is for your site to be clear and easy to navigate. There are millions, if not billions, of messages floating around the World Wide Web, what makes you think yours will be listened to?

A website acts as your online business card.  A person will form a first impression the second they land on your site. And as we all know, a first impression, in their mind, is reality. You could be a solid business with excellent service offerings, but if your website is lackluster, hard to navigate and somewhat unprofessional, well…

good luck changing their minds.

Is it easy for someone to contact me through my website?

Every effective website will have a link labeled “contact” or “contact us.” Normally, this link will open up to an online contact form where the visitor can submit a question and include their contact information in order to receive a prompt reply. With the invention of social media, every website should now include a link for someone to connect with your business online via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest or any of the social sources available in today’s crowded nest of online communication.

A site that does not allow the visitor some sort of simple one click contact option would be like slapping a half-page ad in the phone book, but forgetting to include the telephone number. They are trying to contact you because they are either interested in your cause, product or service, and are looking for a response.

Never make it hard for them to receive one.

If any of these six questions raised some concerns, it might be time for you to upgrade your website to something a little more user-friendly. Treat your website just like you would treat your storefront. Ensure that it is current, well manicured, has fresh paint and the doorbell works.

At Bent Business Marketing, we work closely with the brightest and most talented web design teams in the local area. We have the ability to design sites that fit each client’s needs and are within their budget.

It’s never a good idea to attempt web design on your own. Web design is a science, and in 2013, it takes the right person, equipped with the necessary skills, in order to create a stunning site that will leave your visitors coming back for more.

Contact Bent Business Marketing TODAY at 815.441.2219 or [email protected] and schedule a time when we can sit down and discuss the layout of your new website. If you act now, you won’t be slapping your forehead three years in the future when your competition blows you out of the digital water.

A new website can change everything!

Andy Sokolovich

P.S. For a complete list of local designers, all within driving distance from Clinton, IA, please give me a ring at 815.441.2219 and I’d be happy to point in you in the right direction.

P.P.S They all come with the Bent Business Marketing official seal of approval! ~Andy #themarketingguy

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