Do you know what makes you so dangerous?


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If I was your competition, I’d be scared of you!

First, taking the time to read this post means that you are interested in bettering both yourself and your business. Most “harmless” business owners would have skipped right over this block of formatted text, and turned their heads back to some lame celebrity gossip page that would zap their intelligence like a lightening rod for stupid.

medium_7630738458But you are different, your desire forms deep down in your entrepreneurial core. You want to learn the tactics that will make you not only wealthy, but will earn you a giant head start over the competition.

Knowledge is power! There has never been a truer statement.

As as we get older and more set in our ways, we decide somewhere along the line that we are done learning. We hang up our hats, and choose to absorb information from sources that are irrelevant, and will prove to be a complete waste of our time.

When it comes to building a business, it is imperative that you keep your finger on the ever-changing pulse of the market, as well as technology. Technology has given us the ability to spread our message from coast to coast with a simple click of the mouse. But this magical all-access pass to an unlimited supply of ears and eyes is only available to those who choose to learn how it works.

And that’s you!

Second, you are a threat to all who attempt to battle with your business or brand. You are implementing the tactics that have resulted in increased profits, and a massive amount of brand awareness. Its one thing to sit down and absorb the many reasons why you should be leveraging technology to build your business, but it’s a whole different feeling of success when you observe the abundant firepower!

Let’s look at Facebook advertising for example.

Here is a screenshot from one of my recent campaigns. As you can see in the picture, I spent just under $40. My promotion generated over 20 new LIKES, that’s 20 new sets of eyeballs that are now seeing my posts and sales offers, and I garnered and amazing 465 clicks!


When is the last time you spent less than forty bucks and earned that kind of return on your investment (ROI)? Better yet, that ad was focused on promoting my new BBM t-shirt, and after the ad ended, I received over 150 confirmed orders, which generated over $3,000 in income.

Facebook advertising is just one of the many tools you can use in order to maximize your selling efforts, and effectively spend your small marketing and advertising budget. Big name companies have the luxury of deep pockets, so they can afford to sling darts in the dark or invest in “pay and pray” advertising.

But your business is different!

If I was your competition, I would be terrified after seeing your ad present itself to me during normal business hours while I’m just sitting their stalking an old girlfriend on Facebook. That’s a giant slap in the face and a commanding voice saying, “You are about to get crushed stupid! You need to figure out how the heck their ad just showed up on your screen, and how you can do the same thing but only better.”

Now just imagine that you have designed your own ad that is going to be placed as a quarter page layout in the next run of the weekend paper. Again, since you’ve taken the time to educate yourself, and now know what works and what doesn’t, you’ve successfully focused in on a specific group of buyers, or niche, and sniped your prospect with laser like precision.

Your ad contained all of the necessary bait to lure in buyers, and make them chomp at the chance to buy what it is you are selling. Limited time offers, testimonials, endorsements, a strong guarantee and a clear call to action that directs them where to go to make the purchase.

There were no holes in your net, if there were any at one time, you’ve done a nice job of sewing them shut.

Everyday, we are presented with opportunities to add to our marketing tool box, and continue on a path to financial freedom. There is even a website out there called where for $25 a month, you can access a database FULL of instructional videos on everything from Facebook to Photoshop. You can learn how to make quick videos and apply watermarks to your photos. All of these actions seem simple once you adopt the necessary skills, but at first, they can seem insurmountable.

The thing that I love about marketing using technology is that it changes like the seasons. Something new is being blasted out into the market almost every week. That’s why I decided to become a marketing consultant. It would be almost impossible for business owners and their staff to maintain the daily grind, while at the same time, keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest marketing toys. I get all geeked out just thinking about what I am going to do tomorrow to build awareness for my brand, and reach out to an entirely new set of entrepreneurs, who just like myself, are hungry for a taste of the high life!

So yes, you are indeed a dangerous brand of new-age business owners. Never before as the market place withstood so much economic turmoil and disrepair. Now that you have come into the picture, with your never quit attitude, well my friend…

The times they are a changing!

And I am super stoked to be on the winning team.

Andy Sokolovich

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photo credit: Mikamatto via photopin cc

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