Everything You Need to Know About Becoming A Guru!

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A guru is defined as someone that fills the roll of a leader within a particular industry or field of study. They are a respected source of information, and are often dubbed as experts. Their passion for a particular subject is evident in everything they do. They’re confident, strong and willing to share their knowledge with others.

Does that sound like you? It should!

small__6216846288Nowhere within the text of the definition was I able to find where it stated that you had to be the leader in sales, host your own television show or have your face visible on a giant billboard. To be a true guru within your industry, you do not require a four-year degree, certificates plastered all over the walls of your office or sponsor a major league sports team. Your advertising and marketing budgets do not have to be bottomless, and you don’t have to drive the fastest car in town.

A true guru needs only two things to stand out amongst his or her competitors.

 1) Knowledgeable on their product or service

Notice I didn’t say that they had to be the “most” knowledgeable. There is always going to be someone out there that knows more than you about a particular subject. You are never in competition. The key to being labeled as the go-to expert within your niche, is in the way you market yourself.

Tim Cook left the safety of a well-paying job at the USPS in an attempt to open up his own precious metals business. This was in the 70’s when the price of gold and silver was skyrocketing. He saw the potential to earn a massive amount of wealth. His voice fell on deaf ears as he spent thousands of dollars on direct mailings, show floor space at trade shows and glossy ads in popular investment magazines. After digging himself an early entrepreneurial grave, Tim enlisted the help of a marketing consultant. The consultant educated Tim on the power of authority. Tim needed to start marketing himself as the leading expert on the subject of investing in gold and silver.

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He smartly heeded the consultant’s advice, and started authoring several short informational pieces that resembled a traditional magazine (a perception of value). His articles were sent to the editors of those same magazines he was previously advertising in. In a short amount time, his voice was heard! Tim’s content was published within the pages of industry leading publications.The best part about Tim’s new-found self-marketed approach, was that instead of paying top dollar for the glossy ad space, Tim’s words were being printed, formatted and disseminated at no expense. Absolutely free PR!

Creating informative content, and giving it away at no cost to interested prospects is one of the fastest paths to becoming a guru. Buyers are often leery of “salesy” advertising content, but will soak up every key stroke that  results in a well formatted informational piece.

What information are you providing to your customer? For free!

 2) Posses an awesome amount of confidence

Have you ever met someone who was so confident on the topic he or she was speaking about, that there was no question that they definitely knew their stuff? Their confidence would leave you hanging on their every word, and you would have gladly forked out cash for any product or service they recommended.

That individual wasn’t born with the knowledge that one smart phone was better than the other. They weren’t taught how processors worked, and how the new wave of the future would be social media marketing. They certainly didn’t attend a major university that offered a course describing which refrigerator was the most energy-efficient.

Now there may be some class room style learning that details the information above, but my guess is that their knowledge was self-induced, and they dedicated tons of time to researching how to improve their customers lives. That’s the secret right there folks! You need to enhance the lives of those that decide to purchase your product, or sign up for your service. Your content will ease them into a purchase decision, but only after they’ve confirmed for themselves that what you offer is right for them. The aggressive sales approach is dead! Long live the days where a salesman no longer has the right to steal your time, interrupt your dinner or force feed you information you never asked for.

Your confidence, and a healthy dose of swagger, is all that is needed to attract their attention. If you lack confidence, and are scared of engaging in conversation with random individuals, you might want to consider joining a club that will not only help you build a massive amount of confidence, but will teach you the necessary leadership skills required to be an effective leader.

Learning how to clearly, and with purpose, convey your vision will be the single most important skill you’ll ever learn. Lucky for you, back in September of 2012, a local Toastmasters club was started right here in Clinton, IA. They meet on the first and third Thursday of every month in the Armstrong building at the south end of Second street.

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For further information, feel free to give me a call at 815.441.2219 or email me at [email protected]

Learn about your product, build some confidence and share your knowledge with those that matter most…your customers.

You are no longer a salesman, you are a donor of awesome information that will help guide your prospects towards making a smart purchase decision.

You are an educator. You are the guru!

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The consultant that guided Tim towards his massive wealth is not unique, one of a kind, or different. He’s knowledgeable on what it takes to master business within your niche.

Maybe it’s time you thought about seeking some outside advice.


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