Have I Told You About My Speak Pipe?

SpeakPipeThis is your chance to sound of & make a difference!

Have I Told You About My Speak Pipe?

On my home page, I have installed a feature on the far right side of the screen called Speak Pipe.

With Speak Pipe, you can leave me a voice message using your installed microphone on your PC, laptop, or tablet device.

I thought this concept was pretty cool, and it alleviates you from having to type out a length email, or a post comment.

I do love me some emails, but I know your time is valuable, and I want you to have the most user friendly experience possible when visiting my site.

BentBusinessMarketing.com was designed to act as a sounding board for all of your concerns.

Not just a fancy way for me to start up a blog!

So leave a message, and I’ll copy the .wav file, and make it available to all of our viewers. I want to hear your questions, comments, or concerns!

I also record a weekly podcast available on this site and on iTunes.

Speak Pipe would give you the chance to be a star, and have your voice live & on air!

Don’t be shy, and take advantage of what the Speak Pipe feature can do!

There has never been a better time to make a difference.

~ Andy Sokolovich, Owner BBM


I will be recording a new video in the near future. Any topic suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your input!


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