Here is a Method That is Helping People Sell More Stuff

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Do you want to distill down the best benefits associated with your product or service, and sell a ton of stuff resulting in new-found riches?

Sure you could sit down with a pen and paper and see what comes to mind. But that sounds pretty boring!

medium_220833071I have a better way. Not only is my way better, its super fun, and often allows you to be a little comical in the process.

Do you remember the last infomercial you watched on TV? It was probably for some miracle product that dissolved warts, cured hangovers and acted as a great conditioner for your flowing locks. Love them or hate them, infomercials sell a ton of products.


They provide their audience with an abundance of product benefits. Infomercials often expose their cures to a gauntlet of tests accompanied by dozens of testimonials from loyal and repeat customers.

They effectively answer the quest, “what’s in it for me?”

Not to mention most of them are aired in the wee hours of the morning when our defenses are lowered due to exhaustion. Ron Popeil sold a massive amount of rotisseries, spray on hair and hundreds of other products that solved the problems of millions of American’s.

You may have never bought something after watching an infomercial, but my guess is that you know someone who has. You may even know someone who watches QVC every single day with their credit card resting comfortably in their palm. The writers of those twenty-minute long commercials understand the power of selling with words. And those words contain the hard-hitting product benefits.

What are your selling benefits? Why should I do business with you?

OK. So here’s your homework for the week. I want you to write an infomercial for your product or service. Let your imagination drift, as you harness your inner Ron Popeil! Think of a celebrity you would want to endorse your stuff. How would they dress?

Next, after you feel you have written down the most convincing benefits, included some live demonstrations and captured dozens of customer testimonials, pick up the phone and dial this number…


I want to read your script! And then, with all of that priceless info, we are going to create some awesome marketing materials.

See, you thought marketing your own business would be super difficult. It’s actually pretty simple once you break it down. All you need is a positive attitude, a list of benefits and a desire to make tons of cash!

Andy Sokolovich

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