Hey Man! N.I.C.E. T.A.N.

No, I’m not talking about a nice bronzed skin color that the kids on Jersey Shore think is a year around necessity!


I’m referring to my new acronym, N.I.C.E. T.A.N.

I love acronyms. They help us remember things that often apply to various situations of importance.

Nobody ever came up with an acronym for something that wasn’t important.

In Air Traffic Control, we had a ton of them. It was almost impossible to commit all of the required knowledge into the 10% of brain we actually use, without developing some sort of neat tool to keep everything organized and relevant.

In today’s world, you as a small business owner, are short on one of two things.

You’re short on TIME or MONEY!

I know, because I am you. I’m trying to build my brand and small business with next to nothing in start up capital.

Not only are you struggling to maintain your new venture, but you are probably juggling a family life too. My two kids mean the world to me, but what kind of dad would I be if I wasn’t able to support them? Both of them are celebrating birthdays over the next two weeks. We want nothing more than to spoil our children on their special day!

I often ask myself, “Am I being selfish?”

My passion for helping small business owners realize that there is a better way to do business, and a smarter way to market their efforts, lead me to where I am today.

But more often than not, I fail to realize just how hard it is to spread my message.

To make things even harder, I act as my own worst enemy!

I come up with more reasons to punish myself, than I come up with to move forward and turn my dreams into a reality.

As entrepreneurs, we know owning our own business, and helping people in our community is what we born to do, but at what cost?

At what point do we pull the plug, stick our tails between our legs, and run right back to that steady paycheck of a normal 9 to 5?

My answer….NEVER!

That’s right! Unless the world makes that decision for us, and the funds vanish, the walls come crashing down, and there is no physical way to keep it going, YOU NEED to keep pushing forward!

The only person that will prevent you from creating magic is you. It’s hard to think that you would sabotage yourself, but it’s the truth!

There has never been a greater enemy in the pursuit towards success than the pursuer himself. We prevent ourselves from taking action, and completing the steps necessary to keep moving forward.

Whether it’s attending that networking event, brushing up on our public speaking, or asking for professional help, we are always in our own way.

That’s why I developed N.I.C.E. T.A.N.








By committing this little baby to memory, and repeating it every time you find yourself doubting your abilities, or not taking the actions necessary to achieve greatness, you will be building a strong defense against your worst enemy!

I am going to practice what I preach, and you are going to heed my advice.

Together, we will both take the world by the balls, and continue to make a difference in the way business is done.

Build trust, create awareness, and treat people kindly.

~ Andy


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