How Becoming a Superhero Will Increase Your Confidence

Blog LogoThere’s a key ingredient to success that many people are failing to add to their recipe. The absence of this single element will result in a bland and tasteless attempt at making a difference.

What’s this miracle ingredient, and why is it so important?

Confidence, whether a lack of, or an overabundance, needs to be finely measured and added to everything you do.

We’ve all met someone who lacks any and all confidence in their ability to succeed. They often talk themselves into failure before they’ve even attempt success. Their negative vocabulary acts as a safety net which buffers the fall if, and when they do fail. They create an alternate reality in which they never become successful, and all of the reasons that support this outcome are completely out of their control.

I know this person well, because I used to be one of them.

How did I change this debilitating mind-set?

ajsoko-_FO73B71B8C36 copyI started placing the desires of others before my own. Now, I never became someone’s door mat, but I readjusted my actions to ensure that my efforts would change someone else’s life before mine. You start with small things like lifting a bag of dog food into the back of an older woman’s car at Blain’s Farm and Fleet, you help push a stranded 1974 Mercedes sedan out of the intersection on Bluff Boulevard and you hold the door open for a young mother with a baby in each arm at Hyvee.

Small acts of kindness make a GIGANTIC difference!   

As I began looking out for ways to help others get they wanted, I noticed that I was identifying more and more opportunities every day. There wasn’t a day that went by where I couldn’t step in, and make a difference.

But how does this result in a higher level of confidence?

Every time I helped someone, they would verbally thank me. It usually wasn’t a simple “Thank You!” it was usually something along the lines of, “Wow! People just don’t do stuff like that anymore.” A disturbing thought that humanity is losing its spirit de corps, but the reality is that very few individuals take time out their day to look out for others. That being said, I began considering myself as a member in an exclusive club of “Superheroes!”

If you’ve ever been in my office, you can understand my obsession with humans who possess greater powers. A superhero is a person who has a skill greater than most. Now, in the comic world, these powers consist of massive strength, ability to control the weather, or a skill that defies the laws of gravity.

But what if my super power was a simpler version?

As I began to think more like a Marvel or DC character looking for those in distress, I began feeling more energized! I felt more alive. I held my head high with a tremendous amount of….


As a result of my new-found confidence, I noticed that my life was being flooded with amazing opportunities to make new friends, find new business, and eventually make more money. Now, money is not everything, but as you can attest, it makes things easier. I don’t even toss money in the same category as success, but it began showing up just when I needed it most.

I could attribute my gradual success flow to pure dumb luck, but that would be a completely ignorant assumption. Because, just like in advertising, every ounce of positive outcome needs to be traced back to its source. I had to be able to define why all of these good things were happening to me.

And there’s no denying that this wave of emphatic greatness was a result of my recently harnessed super power!

Never sell yourself short on confidence. With a healthy dose, anything is possible. Life is full of chances for you to better yourself as a result of hurting others, but based on my findings, that approach will result in instant gratification, and will be sure to burnout within a day’s time.

If you really want to harness the super power, and I’m willing to share, begin helping others find their success first. You are guaranteed to be acknowledged for your efforts. That acknowledgement will penetrate your body like a success based moisturizer. Your confidence will grow, and everything in your life will begin to find a rhythm.

There have been thousands of books written, podcasts recorded and websites published defining the recipe for successes. Everyone wants to know what it feels like to be one of the elite.

If you had your choice between becoming a wealthy “boss man” for some giant corporation, or a brightly colored superhero who’s earned the respect of the public through his or her selfless actions, which would you pick?

The choice is up to you, but you need to start somewhere. Who knows, one may very well lead to the other.

Even Superman carried a brief case.

Andy Sokolovich

P.S. I know this post doesn’t appear to be related to marketing, but building confidence is an essential part of succeeding business. All of the marketing in the world will never deliver a positive outcome if you are not confident in your ability to provide a quality product or five-star service.

Stand tall, take chances and follow your dreams! It’s that simple. ~Andy #themarketingguy

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