How I am Going to Construct the Ultimate Mastermind Group Like Voltron

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 mas·ter·mindn. A highly intelligent person, especially one who plans and directs a complex or difficult project: the mastermind of a robbery. tr.v. mas·ter·mind·ed, mas·ter·mind·ing, mas·ter·minds

The definition above was derived from www.thefreedctionary .com

Imagine if you harnessed the power of a mastermind group. A bunch of professionals whose only goal was to help each other defeat the impossible, and come up with new ideas to make the lives’ of countless individuals easier.

That’s what I am aiming to do! In the near future I am going to form an elite squad consisting of web designers, artists, musicians, accountants, lawyers, athletes, graphic designers, electricians and general contractors. This group won’t be just another rag-tag assembly of a few volunteers, joining this team will come by invitation only!

 Why you ask?

I want the personalities, ideas and abilities that best suit my needs. Not my selfish needs for more money, fancy cars, or a bigger office, I’m talking about those whose strengths compliment my weaknesses. Together, we will have the control of going from idea to implementation, in less than a month.

How many times have you had an idea pop into your head but had to stop at….I don’t know…designing a website. The incubation of a monstrous thought that could make you rich becomes immediately governed by your ability to slap some code together to create a website.

That hesitation stopped you from pursuing your dream!

So you go on with your life, and 30 years from now, you’ll be sitting at the local watering hole explaining to your buddy Bob that back in 2013 you had a stellar idea for a new product. But because you didn’t know how to apply for a patent or build a website, you simply gave up and just recently retired from your job at the plant at the ripe age of 72.

I would love to say that every idea I had came to fruition within a year’s time after hatching in my brain, but that would be a grossly fat lie. I drop ideas like nickels at a slot machine! I never seem to have the resources immediately available to take my vision to the next level. And in many cases, my resources are people who can do the things that I can’t.

Let’s take a banker’s role for example. Why would I need a banker to sit in my coveted group of visionaries? Every idea that I have needs funding. I don’t know anything about where one gets money in order to bank roll a product that as of now, doesn’t exist…but they do! Some of my schemes require research on patents and the existence of similar products that could cause me to be sued for copyright stuff. That’s why I need a lawyer or some kind of legal connection that understands my thought process, and without asking, knows what to look for. And no one can deny the tenacity and never quit attitude of an athlete. I’m talking about the type of athlete that is willing to practice twice a day just to get a slight edge on the competition. I need him or her around to keep the group motivated and focused on the tasks at hand.

You see, everyone will become a linchpin. Just like the old action figure Voltron, every person will link both their minds, bodies and spirit to form an unstoppable entity!

medium_2193101753-1And they won’t just be working to upscale my concepts. Anyone who formulates an idea will be able to tap into the magic, and start working towards the physical realization of owning a business, developing a product, or creating the next big event. It’s going to be like lighting the Olympic torch, and passing that flaming insight from hand to hand until finally it reaches the place where dreams are reached and money is made.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?! At least in my head it does!

But before I start handing out invitations to my chocolate factory, I have to figure out the traits and designs that allow a mastermind group to be successful.

 How I am Going to Construct the Ultimate Mastermind Group

 1. Define a leadership role

And that role will not be filled by me! Appointing someone to direct the flow a group of such highly talented masterminds would be too much for me to handle. But like in any organization, you have to put someone in charge. That one person will have to make the tough decisions. They will be required to know every member, and acknowledge the skills they bring to the table. His or her job will be to harness those skills, and ensure nothing gets left behind.

 2. Referrals will not be a requirement

The single mission of this group will be to go from idea to reality in as little time as possible, not to focus on generating leads to enhance our individual careers. I’m not opposed to someone saying, “Hey, I know a guy!” but only if you truly believe that the person whom you are about to refer really fits the needs of the person who you are talking to.

 3. All projects will be shared and promoted within the group

You never know when a member possesses an untapped set of skills that could explode a simple theory to the phase of implementation. That’s why all ideas will be expressed to all members. The group will be void of any side projects. I’m not saying you won’t be able to grow an idea outside of the group, but if you choose to do so, I ask that you don’t pick the brains of other members.

Again, just like Voltron!

4. Mind-mapping our success is an awesome source for conveying ideas between a large group of folks. It starts out with a single concept, and then new threads like a spider web start to jettison off, one inkling leads to another, and then to another…and yet another! Everyone is able to see the entire map, make suggestions or changes as they see fit. It’s a controlled detonation of utter genius.

But it’s safe and on your computer screen.

5. Implement commitment level DELTA!

Each member acts as a rung on the ladder. If one or two are missing, it makes that thing almost impossible to climb. You can continue moving forward, but not without increasing the level of risk. So that’s why your individual commitment to such a group will be massive!

6. An idea is never dumb or referred to as such

 All ideas will be welcome! When Henry Ford spoke of his concept for a V8 motor, all of his designers and some of his closest acquaintances made sure to tell them that the idea was impossible…and maybe even dumb. But Henry ditched his nay-saying buds and directed his employed designers and engineers to make it happen. What resulted were years of failed attempts, and a single massive success that morphed the automobile industry forever!

Now would you call his idea dumb?

 7. Loose lips sink ships

All members will be asked to sign a specialized NDA (non-disclosure agreement). I know that getting all legal sometimes causes people to shy away, but if we come up with a $100M idea, I want to make sure that no information leaves the room that could cause those who’ve invested their time and genius to lose money. It’s that simple!

This graph represents business life with and without a mastermind group.

Graph copy

Crazy right?!

This may all seem insanely confusing, but at the end of the day, I want to create a team of talented individuals that simply…


Does that sound like a club you are interested in joining?

Andy Sokolovich





P.S. If you are a professional who is hardcore digging this idea, be sure to email me at [email protected]. I need some help getting the thing up and running.

Maybe you can be the next rung on our ladder to success! ~Andy


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