How to Avoid a Benefit Barrage Backfire


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If you’ve been a loyal reader of our Bent Business Babble, then you already understand the importance of clearly identifying the benefits associated with your product or service.

A benefit is best defined by answering the customer’s question of “What’s in it for me?”

But this post is not about unearthing the power of benefits in order to sell more stuff; this string of words is going to focus on the “benefits sweet spot.”

small_881860404I recently read a genius book entitled About Face by author and successful entrepreneur Dan Hill. Dan is a scientist, marketer, ad man and out of the box thinker all rolled into one, and his studies have exposed many misconceptions in the world of advertising. Dan puts facts behind promoted advertising opinion. He uses state of the art facial recognition software to reveal the true emotion, reaction and attention loss of every print, television and radio ad. Dan has the ability to mark the single second of an ad where the viewer’s attention begins to fade. He also has the capacity to pin-point the moment when the target audience experiences a peak in interest.

But what I find remarkable, is Dan and his team recently exposed the “benefits sweet spot,” The exact number of listed benefits that will leave your prospects wanting more. Not a barrage of indigestible information, but the formulated recipe for advertising success.

Recently, Dan had his team scrounge up thousands of files from their past client’s, and begin narrowing down the number of benefits from least to most effective responses and ROI. Then they took their totals, and compared them to the ad’s percentage of emotional engagement (how engaged was the audience).

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What they realized, was that the advertisements which contained only 1 to 3 product or service benefits, were 11 percent more engaging, and created less viewer frustration, than the ads with 4+ benefits listed. A potential customer’s attention was aroused, and they were able to absorb the answer to their unwavering riddle of “What’s in it for me.”

Thus proving that, in advertising, less is truly more!

The next time you sit down to write an ad, be sure to keep your benefit list within the sweet spot, 1 to 3 compelling reasons why your product or service is worth the investment.

Andy Sokolovich

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