How to Avoid Failure by Copying Success

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Why do so many people try to reinvent the wheel? The map that leads to success has already been drawn out.

All you have to do is copy it!

In my experiences, very few entrepreneurs are able to formulate organic ideas that have never been done before. There are so many smart people out there competing for the same sets of eyes that it’s almost impossible to play King of the Mountain, and stand out as the ultimate business visionary. The fastest way to ensure personal, as well as professional growth is to start copying what successful people have already proven to be effective.

When I started Bent Business Marketing, I desperately wanted to brand myself as a marketing revolutionary. I thought my ideas were unique, and my approach very nontraditional. The truth was, my ideas were not brand new, nor were they as far outside the box as I had thought. This was insanely evident when I visited Dallas, TX last August for an online marketing seminar. I found myself surrounded by hundreds of fellow marketers who were all dreaming the same dream, and whose visions were a mirror image of mine. All of us possessed an unquenchable thirst for educating business owners on the new ways of marketing and advertising. We were all geeks who had enough tech know how to make amazing things happen online. But our skill-sets were not super powers. They were learned, and perfected through multiple failures with a sprinkle of success.

At first, I felt deflated. How was I ever going to compete at such a highly competitive level, and how will I stand out in a crazy talented crowd?

Then I was introduced to a tiny group of “new rich” individuals who had it all figured out. The term new rich was coined by a gentleman named Tim Ferris who wrote a NY Times best-seller, The 4 Hour Work Week.” The new rich understand that hard work still pays off, but in today’s advanced online business market, it’s more about working smarter than harder. His goal is to show people how to earn their current annual salary in a single month. Not only in a month, but working about four hours a week! He leverages the power of the internet to make this dream a reality.

While Tim is a unique individual, and has Trump-like chops for business, his approach is easy to copy, and he loves when people mirror his every move.

That group of experts I hooked up with in Texas, explained to me the secret to their success.

“Find the successful people in your industry, and copy EVERYTHING they do!”

I’m not saying you should plagiarize, but take their tactics, and tweak them to work for your business. There is a reason you see the same headline structured on 40 different magazine covers, there is a reason the same colors are used in every lucrative sales ad, and there is a reason that every 1:00AM infomercial resembles the same one that aired an hour ago on the same channel.

A massive amount of repetition is a side effect of making a ton of money!

The person, who exposed Robin Egg Blue as the color that sells the most widgets when it’s introduced into your print ad, has long been dead. The idea that colors play a roll in how we make our purchase decisions, has been around since the beginning of color advertising.

After decades of testing, a single color emerged as the go-to hue if you wanted to sell your stuff.

In summary, if you want to be successful, you need to seek out the leaders in your industry, and start taking notes. Check out their Facebook page. Which posts have been their most popular? Are their images being shared?

Now is the time to awaken your inner Inspector Gadget, and peel back the layers that built your competitors dynasty.


 People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy after.” ~ Oliver Goldsmith


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