How To Be Human

Small Business Marketing Tactics That WorkYou would not exist without them!

I recently attended a medical appointment that left me speechless.

It wasn’t a bad prognosis, or anything that was even medically relevant. My beef was with the customer service. Even a patient is a customer, but more and more health service based businesses are losing touch with that reality.

This particular appointment was one I scheduled. I needed to talk to someone, and I wanted them to be a “professional.”

Customer EngagementI use the term “professional” loosely these days. I’ve run into some top-notch pros that continue to impress everyone  they come in contact with. They’re confident, look you in the eyes, show empathy, and actually care about you as a person.

Lately, I’ve experienced a new breed of self labeled professionals. My recent experience left my jaw hanging on the floor. Eating while speaking, typing louder than I could project my voice, checking their watch, and at the end of our session, became completely dependent on a computer to deliver a prognosis!

Since when do computers have a heart, a soul, or know a thing about me as a human being?

I know I am drifting away from my usual business-esque topic, but I was just so disjointed by the lack of engagement, that I had to vent a little.

I can not express how important it is for every business owner, friend, brother, or sister to inject a human element in every interaction they have.

We are wired to show emotion.

The recession, a war lasting over a decade, high unemployment rates, home foreclosures, and extreme financial hardships all can leave us callused, and emotionally numb.

In marketing, we often go off on Social Media rants, and express how crucial it is to have a strong presence on the web. We tell you (small business owners) that you need to engage, post, tweet or +1.

All of this exposure is necessary to increase brand awareness, but you should never use social media to hide from actual human interaction. A physical handshake, a look in the eye, or a crooked smile will mean more to someone than a “Like” on Facebook.

When we depend solely on computers for networking, friendships, or lead generation we are seriously taking a step in the wrong direction. People want to know that you are real.

Not just a .com or a timeline.

They want to meet you, witness your faults, and imperfections.

My medical appointment eventually concluded, but the experience will stick with me for a long time.

Take my advice, get out from behind your computer, and engage with your customers. Hand deliver birthday cards, condolence  flowers, or a gift just because.

Human interaction is rapidly fading away, but ironically, it is also the one thing that will save us.

Your business will not survive without your customers, your contacts, your support group, or your motivators.

Don’t neglect your right to be human!


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