How To Boost The Social Media Response In Your Company By 54% After Sharpening Your Ax

Can a lumberjack cut down a tree with a dull ax?

Of course he can! But how long do you think it will take?

Customer Service, Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing are all facets of your company. Each one holds a specific area of responsibility. Their expertise plays a significant role in your success…or overwhelming failure!

Then why do most companies eliminate their effectiveness by failing to invest money into continued education and training?

Social media is growing. It’s not going to fizzle out anytime soon. If anything, it will be a permanent pen & ink change in some of your job descriptions. If your job is to promote your business or organization on social media, then you might want to pen that change in yourself.

I feel bad for those professionals whose company leaders toss them to the social wolves. Without some sort of education on what works on social media, and better yet what doesn’t, more and more people are throwing in the towel.

They label the campaign a bust, and move on to the next project. Not even giving their presence time to grow, and become relevant in the market place. I say this all the time, but social media marketing is not a “if you build it, they will come” type of thing. It takes time, effort, and a great personality.

My reference to the dull ax above, is my way of saying that your PR or Marketing department can not “crush it” on social if you don’t give them an opportunity to sharpen their blades.

Although many “Millennials” have grown up around technology, managing an online campaign is like tying their shoes. They pick things up fast! While retaining information is great, they still need to be taught first.

On the other hand, if you are an older company, and your visionaries lack the tech savvy persona that is often linked to social media,  you will need to ensure they receive top-notch training from a professional.

Once you break it down, social media is a pretty simple concept. While there are a ton of ways you can leverage this growing platform to enhance customer relations, there is really only one do-or-die rule that all must obey…

You have to engage!

(Check out one of our earlier blog entries that gives a little more insight on using Facebook in your business)

Creating the page or profile is the easy part, but building awareness is where professional education will make the biggest impact. Given all of the tools necessary to do a stellar job, your employees will be developing new ways to sell your product, and assist your customers. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. There are a ton of great businesses, some of them within your industry, that are blowing away their competitors with a newly found online social style.

Study them, and mimic their moves and strategies. Don’t match them step for step, but witness what works.

Are their pictures being shared? How many times a day do they post new content? Is the content original?

Appoint one of your current employees to act as a social spy. Have them document the results, and hand you a weekly report.

I used the figure 54% in the title, because given the time, training, and passion several companies have reported, on average, a 54% boost in their social responses. Those figures are determined based on social shares, comments, posts, and a monthly comparison of analytical data. Facebook comes with a free Insights tool that allows you to look up your most popular post, along with a bunch of other good-to-know information.

I know in a fast paced business world, it is easy to dump something if it fails to convert. But as a CEO, department manager, or sole proprietor don’t be so quick to give up on social media. Invest some time and money, and hire a professional that will steer you in a direction toward success.

You could spend months fumbling your way through, what you think is a solid plan, just to find out you’ve been doing it all wrong.

It’s not “rocket science”, but it is “social science”!


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At this point, you might be considering hiring a professional to guide you out of the woods.

If you have a desire to increase sales, build brand awareness, and demolish the competition, then I think spending some cash on social media instruction would be a solid investment!

Bent Business Marketing has conducted several training seminars, and spoken to a countless number of business pros that just want to learn how to do it right. They either want to impress their boss, or are looking to build their company with almost zero overhead.

They came to me with a passion to make a difference, and their hard work has always paid off!

If you are interested in investing some time into teaching your employees how to successfully manage your Facebook page, Twitter account, or any other online social platform, give us a call at 815.441.2219.

Or you can continue chopping that tree down with a dull ax!





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