How To Convey Your Mission Clearly and With Purpose

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Never underestimate the power of providing a service, or selling a product that will make your customer’s lives easier. Their comfort needs to be your top priority. Your mission, or end goal, should convey that message in an easy to understand manner. In detail, explain how your offerings will calm their worst fears.

small__6934122034Focus on one single problem that needs repair. The most successful businesses have mastered the art of zeroing in on a single pressure point. Their service offerings are so focused, that they eliminate all confusion surrounding their reason for existence.

It’s an attractive assumption that the more you offer, the more you’ll sell, but the opposite has proven to be true. Psychology has detailed the effects of presenting a customer with too many choices. An over abundance of choice tends to lead to the customer making no choice at all! When it comes to moving your customer towards a purchase decision, you need to present them with a single offer that’s irresistible. You know them best so use your experience to build an offer that magnifies their individual wants.

Promote your offer with the power of a sonic boom! Just like Zappos revolutionized the online shoe industry, and similar to Apple redefining the MP3 player, be sure to label your product as the only option that will fit their needs. Become synonymous with quality, and ease of use.

Our mission at Bent Business Marketing is to educate our clients, and show them how to leverage the power of the internet to build their business.

 Education is what survives when what has been learned has long been forgotten.”

~ B.F. Skinner

What is your mission?

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