How to Ensure Your Marketing Never Goes Stale

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If you want your business to make more money, gain new customers and solidify its place as the industry leader, you have to make improvements in your marketing.

It’s no secret that marketing acts as the driving force behind all great businesses. Heck, Coca-Cola invests more money in marketing every year than most of us will see in our entire life.

Why do they drop so much cash on marketing?

medium_2551000881 copyBecause they’ve built an empire constructed by stacking one successful marketing campaign after another. They have created a product that is consumed clear across the globe, and even when you thought that not one more person could possibly hear about Coke for the first time, they reach a new set of eyes as a result of their marketing. Eyes belonging to dedicated repeat customers who are always looking forward to that ice-cold gulp of sugary goodness!

Even though Coca-Cola has already proven them self as the industry leader, they still require massive amounts of marketing to remain seated at the throne. If they decided to throttle back and save money on marketing, it would take less than a month for a competitor to hijack their position, and take command as the new leader in carbonated beverage sales.

It happens that fast, but knowing that coke has to shell out big bucks to stay on top, just imagine the gross number it took to get them there.

Marketing is the fuel that drives your business to success. No other aspect of business has a greater influence on your fate. It’s kind of like Caesar rotating his wrist to either point his thumb up or down. Up indicates an increased concentration on marketing, resulting in a gladiator that lives to fight another day, or down which…well we all know what down means.

So now that I’ve hammered home the importance of marketing, I want to provide you with a few ways you can prevent your marketing from going stale. Following these suggestions will create a marketing journey that is constantly tapping in to uncharted territory.

Try something new every month

Improve on your marketing strategy by trying something new. This usually involves a little research, but dedicating a few hours a week to looking up new ways to spread your message is a small investment for success! I would start by joining a few online forums that serve your niche or industry. People are always taking about their successes and failures on forums. Sometimes they post questions, which may be similar to your own, and receive an abundant amount of quality answers and replies.

Take the time to educate yourself on marketing trends, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

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Raise your sales goals

If you want to sit comfortably ay the “average” table, that’s fine, but if you are reading this post, I can only assume that you are aspiring to be better than average. If you’re setting sales goals for business every month, which you should, I want to challenge you to give that number a boost. Now, you will be forced to seek new avenues that will propel your past figures. That means reaching new listeners and coming up with new ways to make them listen.

And that my friends, is a job for your marketing team. See how every business goal involves marketing as part of the solution. Pretty sweet!

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel

As I typed this, I’m experiencing déjà vu. I’ve said this same stuff in the past, but it continues to come up, so it must be important. Don’t be scared to copy the success of others. That’s why above, I suggested that you start reading forum posts, looking over the websites of your competitors, Liking industry gurus on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, do whatever it takes to surround yourself with those that have already cracked the code.

And then formulate your marketing based on their success!

You will never gain riches as a sole result of your own ideas. Look to people who have already done the grunt work, and siphon from their tank.  There’s no shame in that game!

It’s just business.

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Have fun with your marketing

Think of a business you admire. Are they boring? My guess is that they’re pretty cool, and that’s why you are drawn to them. Marketing doesn’t have to be a chore. If you look at it as a job rather than an exciting opportunity to increase your brand’s exposure, that mindset will reflect itself in the final product. Inject some fun into your marketing by adding contests, humor and always be sure to get the customers involved in something other than a sales transaction.

A few weeks ago, I helped out at the 4th Annual Necker’s Jewelers Diamond Dash in DeWitt, IA. I had a freakin’ blast! That event involved hundreds of contestants from all over the place, all competing for some really cool prizes. Hundreds of people wearing Necker’s gear, tweeting, posting and sharing stuff about Necker’s all over social media, but the best part was…

They were having fun doing it.

Try skirting the edge of acceptable behavior. Your marketing message is competing with over 3,000 others on any given day.

What makes you think that yours will get noticed?

Only the lion with the loudest roar gets noticed.

Andy Sokolovich

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