How To Make January Your Most Profitable Month In 2013

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In business, everything seems to come to a stand still in January. Budgets are busted, credit limits are reached, and the buying stops. The euphoria of gift giving madness comes to an end.

The cool thing is, it doesn’t have to!


What if you could keep the seasonal rush alive, and design a viral buzz that will leave people busting down your doors in 2013?

Here are 3 clever concepts that will keep your post holiday sales booming!

 1) Take advantage of gift receipts

Offer a 10% off coupon to any customer who brings with them a gift receipt from another store. That 10% off coupon can only be used on their next purchase. Date the offer so it’s only applicable in the month of January. If you’re a super sleuth, you can keep a mental record of the most popular items received by glancing at the gift receipt. Maybe there is an item you might be able to carry in 2013, and offer it up for a few bucks cheaper!

 2) Bring back the gift card!

Available in January only! For every $10 spent, we will credit a gift card $1. We’ll keep the card for you here in the store, and on the 1st of February we’ll open our doors an hour early for card holders ONLY! This offer creates incentive to spend more, and rewards repeat customers for their loyalty.

 3) Create a little friendly competition

Before the decorations are sealed up and stuffed back into the crawl space, try coordinating a community wide scavenger hunt. Build a list of items that are normally only available during the holidays. Ornaments, fake snow spray, fruit cake, Santa hats and those insanely cool reindeer antlers for dogs! Take up donations from all participating businesses, and make sure the prize is worth the effort. Develop a punch card that has to be punched while visiting every business during the hunt. A fully marked card is good for a percentage off, or a special gift.

A little creativity goes a long way! If you choose to weather out the storm, and wait for sales to pick up in the spring,  you might be missing out on some post season cash flow.

Think outside the box, and you’ll soon find yourself installing a revolving door! Be different, and have fun with it.

Nobody notices normal anymore.

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I wish you all a Merry Christmas & Awesome New Year!

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