How To Overcome the Fear of Failure: 6 Tools for Increasing the Probability of Success

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It plagues all of us at one point in our lives. The fear that our efforts will result in another failed attempt not only prevents us from taking chances, but greatly diminishes our chances of reaching a high level of success.

Everyday we are presented with challenges. Some are easy to circumnavigate, while others appear selfishly insurmountable. It’s safe to say that in order to keep moving forward in life, we must learn how to avoid the crippling fear of failure.

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Each one of us differs in the way we deal with life’s obstacles. Those which choose to fail rather than succeed, make that decision very early in life. Their fears grow stronger than their desire to succeed. A person’s motives need to be congruent with the need to realize a positive outcome. If you want the best for you and your family, and you work your butt off, the only thing separating you from life’s riches is a lack of positive thoughts.

In order for you to win big, you have to think big.

A gauntlet of professionals have linked the power of positive thought to the attainment of a goal. The concept is understood by millions, but easily forgotten. I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to developing fearful thoughts of failure. If a person’s motive to avoid failure is strong, they will pursue only the smallest of goals in an effort to avoid disappointment. Their success provides instant, but short-lived gratification.  The fear of failure will alter your goals. Rather than choosing a result that will be accompanied by a tremendous amount of satisfaction, we become comfortable crossing the finish line in second place.

Having hope and faith are both fundamental ingredients in the recipe for success, but those two factors alone will not yield a positive result. Quantity of attempts, ability to measure, and a person’s motivation for avoidance all play an equal role. You can not determine success based on a single failed attempt. Determining the distance by which you missed your targeted goal, will allow you to understand which actions are to be avoided in the future.

My advice to you, is to adopt the Sir Richard Branson mindset of “Screw it and do it,” but if you choose to take a more analytical approach, I want to provide you with some tools you can use to boost your probability of success, and overcome your fear of failure.

6 Tools for Increasing the Probability of Success

1) Develop A Strategy

Don’t jump blindly into a new venture. Study the pitfall and catapults which you might encounter. Adopt a military mentality, and formulate a detailed strategy depicting your goals from start to finish

2) Construct Your Dream Team

Just like in gym-class dodge ball, I want you to pick the best players first. Make your selections based on experience, tenacity and the overwhelming desire to help you succeed.

3) Think Big Win Big

David Schwartz, PhD., wrote a book titled The Magic of Thinking Big. This is a must read for anyone who dreams of something bigger and better in their life. If you learn to think enormous and positive thoughts, you’ll be gifted a bounty of awesome outcomes.

4) Clearly Define the Goal

I want you to formulate your ideal result in detail. If you want to earn more money, than you need to define the amount. “More money,” now becomes $126,500. If you desire increased downtime in your life, than state that you will take two vacations per year, document that each one will be over a two-week time period, and name your destination. More details result in a more tangible outcome.

5) Fail Fast Forward

More failures result in more successes. That’s science! It’s not a matter of one shot one kill. You have to take on challenges like Tony Montana from the movie Scarface. Flip it to full auto and aim those bullets upwards, shattering that glass ceiling and destroying all limitations!

6) Believe

Aggressively believe in your ability to do awesome things! No one person is destined for failure. We all posses the natural talents to reach our goals. And if you are like me, you are your own worst enemy. Take all of those negative thoughts of failure and toss that junk into the trash. Hand-select only the most positive messages, and build yourself a smorgasbord of meaningful mantras.

To overcome the fear of failure, you have to adopt a thirst for success. Even during a time of drought, there are ways to quench your thirst. Even better, make friends with those that are carrying the water.


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