How to Spread Your Message like A Cold Sore without Busting Your Budget

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If you worry about how much something will cost…you’ll be broke faster than Flava Flav in a jewelry store that sells clocks!

flavor-flav-clockAn idea is only great if it’s immediately put into action. Too many professionals in the world of small business stunt their growth by failing to see their ideas through to the next level. They abandon all hope when presented with an insurmountable obstacle known as cash flow.

In my opinion, that’s a lame excuse.

If your idea is awesome enough, no one will care about the production quality. More viral videos have been shot using iPhones, than five-figure HD cameras. Think about the last video you shared via YouTube.

Was it a cinema quality, high-definition over priced production of some made for TV drama?

Probably not! More than likely, it consisted of a smart phone, a baby and a cat. Or some low quality animation accompanied by insanely funny voice over. Those are the videos that spread like contact highs at an Incubus concert. A great idea is worth sharing with the world.

The key is to not sell anything!

That’s right. I am asking you to create viral advertising that doesn’t sell a thing. The best ads are those that are purposely created not to look at like a sales pitch. They simply entertain, and create awareness of a targeted brand. Some ad experts will hang me from the rafters by my toenails for stating this fact, but it in age where everyone seems to have a pinch of ADD; it only makes sense to treat them like a cat chasing the illuminated red dot of a laser pointer. There’s no time for explanation in our ads, they need to make sense, entertain, create laughter, fear, and sorrow or leave the viewer thirsty for more.

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There’s an advertising agency located in Miami, FL that developed a massive amount of creative ads which led me to this conclusion. CP+B perform advertising miracles! Not only do their clients experience a huge ROI, their campaigns build cult-like followers, and they don’t sell a damn thing!

How do they do this?

They tell a story. A perfect example is the selling prowess of circus legend P.T. Barnum, a story has led to more riches than any other form of promotion. If you can revamp your advertising to resemble an episode, and at the same time leaving those viewers wanting more, you’ve hit the jackpot! The customer will grow anxious, and seek out your next promotion.

No sales pitch necessary.

imagesThat idea you had the other day while pumping gas at the local KwikStar is still floating somewhere in that hunk of meat between your ears. Find it, and take steps to implement your genius. People still have money, and need to spend it somewhere. If the catalyst is your viral video, then don’t be selfish. Gather a few untrained, volunteer actors, pull out your iPhone, and direct one of the coolest videos Clinton, IA has ever seen! Load that footage up to YouTube, and begin sharing that link like a cold sore. If your first attempt fails, try again!

Today’s customer is looking to be surprised. Combine the element of surprise with awareness of your brand, and you will have blended the ultimate supplement shake for success.

A small budget is the mother of creation.” ~ Andrew Keller, creative genius at CP+B

Andy Sokolovich

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