How to Write a Bad-Ass Headline: 6 Questions That Could Make You Jay-Z Rich

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If you don’t know who Jay-Z is, you need to Google it!

I’ve expressed to you via this Blog probably upwards of a gazillion times (might not be a real number) that the headline means everything when designing advertising that sells. The absence of a compelling, attention grabbing headline could mean the difference in money wasted or a massive amount of money earned.



Since that entire statement is in bold, it must be important right?!

Allowing the person that just sold you the advertising space to design the, ad and author a headline, would be like me selling you an insanely expensive parking space, but I get to choose what car you park there. Yes, you are paying for the space, but all of the attention is going to the sexy car that’s filling that void.

When’s the last time you’ve stopped to admire an empty parking space?

So before you fall hook, line and sinker for the next dude that offers you ad space, be sure to think of what you want your ad to look like, what information it will contain, and how the headline will draw in eyeballs like a fifteen year old girl to a Justin Bieber concert!


6 Questions That Could Make You Jay-Z Rich

 1. Does your headline and advertisement present its reader with a reward?

What’s in it for me? A question asked or thought of by every human being on this planet. We are selfish people. Our time is worth something and we want to receive a benefit in return for allowing you to steal borrow some of it.

Your ad must contain information that both educates the reader, and leaves them walking away more knowledgeable and ready to take action.

Just like this simple Blog post, you are reading it in order to learn how to make yourself or company more money.

You’re welcome.

 2. How can you avoid writing a headline that is too general by adding specifics?

Even if you don’t know who Jay-Z  is, you can surmise from my headline that he is wealthy. His wealth means that he’s successful, and success is something that both you and I both desire. By tossing his name into my headline, I’ve made it less generic, and provided an example so you have a better understanding of what it is you are about to learn.

I’ve appealed to your desires, and therefore hooked you (the reader), and reeled you deeper into my content that may or may not contain a sales pitch.

There’s not…so keep reading.

 3. Will your headline work better if a selling price is included?

 Example: Introducing the $9.99 investment that will earn you $799.99……after TAXES!

By including the initial price, you have already given the reader a spending amount. If you choose to use a headline like this, be sure not to stray from the given price. If you say $9.99 in your headline, don’t think you can get away with tacking on an additional $13.99 for shipping and handling.

If your headline is structured properly, the reader will be digging for their credit card before finishing the first line of your sales copy.

 4. Does your headline appeal to the reader’s emotions?

We all buy stuff to make us feel better.

Retail therapy? Why do you think sex sells?

Our initial reaction to an ad should always link to some sort of emotional response. Determine what emotion best fits the product you are trying to sell and highlight the crap out of it! If you run a staffing agency, you are helping people avoid the fear of their lights or water being turned off. If you are selling jewelry, you are appealing to a man’s desire to make a woman happy.

Or better yet, if you sell jewelry, you actually want to leverage the fear of a man who might be heading home to an angry wife!

 5. Will your ad be more affective if the headline contains a question?

 Example: Are you like me and can’t play with your kids because your back hurts so bad you want to SCREAM!?

The key to drafting a successful question based headline is to make your readers nod their head in response. Try testing your headline on a few unsuspecting test dummies, and closely watch their physical response. If they shake their head yes, you have a winner!

But most of the time, the head nod will come later in the day when they cringe after picking up their forty pound three-year old daughter.

So if the nod doesn’t come immediately, your headline isn’t a total bust.

6. Could you “sexify” your advertisement by adding a little spark or intrigue to the headline?

FYI…I’m trying to coin the term sexify for myself, so no stealsies!

I’m also famous for saying, Weird is where it’s at! Nobody notices normal.”

Pixie Dust

I’m not asking you to get all Britney Spears head shaved crazy, but it does help if you draw a little attention to yourself.

Example: Local Chiropractor reports, “The key to a healthy back is a daily stretching routine and just a pinch of Pixie Dust!” ~ Andy DaMan, D.C.

Just don’t get yourself in trouble by promoting anything illegal. Use a little common sense, and have fun with the fact that you are messing with someone’s mind while trying to get them to spend money.

It’s just the way business works.

Andy Sokolovich

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That’s the last time I am going to tell you! ~Andy

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