If You Want To Be Successful in 2014, You Need to Hire Roy G. Biv

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My unique set of skills will make me a millionaire!

Why am I so confident that I will succeed? It’s simple. I have the ability to be creative, think “outside of the box” and leverage the power within the right side of my brain.

The right half of the brain is a seemingly untapped resource that has been forced into submission by the ongoing creation of processes, assembly lines, and sequential movements which are designed to yield the same result every time. While consistency is a highly coveted aspect of doing business, I believe that it will eventually mean the demise of a massive group of left-brained employed Americans.

Technology is an unstoppable force. We will never stop discovering new ways to implant a machine into a position that was once held by a human. Easier, faster, cheaper and flawless! Humans will make mistakes. We will eventually quit after prolonged work. Our bodies will fail, and our fatigue will always prevent us from working at a mechanized pace.

With the introduction of the World Wide Web, we no longer seek out a medical professional as soon as we feel sick. We research our symptoms online. The internet has become a bottomless source of information. And as a result of this new-found database of FREE illumination, we are depending less and less on the professionals that once acted as linchpins in our every day lives. Accounts, attorneys, even doctors are noticing a downward trend in business. You can file your taxes online, draft a Will and refill prescriptions. Computer Programmers are losing their jobs to large firms in India. These overseas One-Stop-Shops now offer a full spectrum of digital services that were once only available to those businesses that could afford to employ the tiny bands of genius American programmers.

Because of the technological take over, and the over abundance of systematic thinkers, the now rare, and highly sought after creative’s, artists, and visionaries are being unearthed like rare gems. Businesses are realizing that normal in today’s society is being ignored. Weird is what’s working. And without employing individuals that continue to seek out new and innovative ways to draw attention, they will fall by the wayside, and sales numbers will drop.

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Think of the businesses that you trust, enjoy and follow online. Are they stuffy, assembly line driven by-products of a once brilliant idea, or are they innovative, trend setting and fun? Creativity is spawning a change that can only be viewed as a complete take over of the way business is done.

People want something different!

Acceptance no longer acts as a glass ceiling. As long as your focus is on creating a product which solves a problem, or a service that makes life easier, anything goes. Think Snuggie, Crocs footwear or packs of socks that come in threes. All products, which twenty years ago would have been a complete bust, in the new creative culture of right-brained “must haves” are in high demand.

Creative professionals are going to rule this new world.

As a business owner, you need to start building your dream team of Roy G. Biv’s. Commonly known as the acronym that defines the colors in a rainbow, Roy G. Biv is now going to act as your road map to success.

Here is how I, Andy from Bent Business Marketing, define a Roy G. Biv. Look for these traits in every person you interview. By selecting only those that fit the profile, you are ensuring that you will be prepared for the cultural shift.

Reframing – looks at situations from several different angles


Oddly original – you’ll know it when you see it


Yearn for a challenge – never back down. Always looking for the next problem to solve


Gifted – posses talents not easily taught or learned in traditional education


Boastful – eager to share their successes but not cocky


Innovative –looking for unique solutions to common problems


Visionary – sees a positive end result, and will work to get there

There is a new breed of professionals that are making their move. You can either board their bus to “Successville” or you can resist the change. I would suggest joining us on this ride.

It’s going to be amazing!

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