Introducing Clinton Iowa`s Own One-Stop-Shop Web Development Team! There Has Never Been A Better Time To Move Your Business Online

www.BentBusinessMarketing.comIt’s like GoDaddy on steroids!” ~ Jason,

A website is something that should be constructed around the individual. Those cookie cutter template sites that you can find online for a couple hundred bucks don’t represent the business as a personality.

In an effort to provide outstanding web service to small businesses that are looking to take that necessary next step online, we brainstormed for months until we developed


Never before has there been a package that includes all of the essential web services in one sexy package!

– Full featured & responsive website design

– Powerful web hosting

– On-site search engine optimization that ranks you high on Google

– Keyword research

– Personalize your site with an unlimited amount of extended features

– Need help? Contact your Personal Web Hero! Make changes, receive instruction, update info.

Our three tiered price structure allows you to be in control of all expenses.

Basic, extended & deluxe packages available.

Each of our plans include FREE hosting. A reliable hosting server ensures your customers will always be able to find you. Unlimited bandwidth provides you with an absolute worry free online presence. Never again will you receive that irritating message informing you that you “reached your bandwidth limit!”

Each week we’ll perform an in-depth investigation on your site’s search engine rankings. Based on our findings, we will contact you and schedule a convenient time to review your report.

Your custom site will never become “out of date.” We pride ourselves on updating our equipment in order to leverage the advances in new technology.

Even better, your site will be optimized for max visibility on tablets like iPad and Kindle.

It will also be mobile ready!

Show off your site using your cell phone. Mom will love it!

There’s a new way to market your business, and it’s taking place online!

Don’t make it hard for your customers to find you.

Visit for more information.

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