It Takes A Group Effort To Make You A Millionaire“The government is to blame for higher prices!”

Regardless of your political opinion, statements like the one above, are very important in determining the way you sell and market your product.

Groups or organizations surround themselves with like minded individuals.

If your plan is to market your product or service to a particular demographic or niche, then you need to educate yourself on their way of thinking.

The beauty of membership in a club or fraternity, is that no matter what your personal beliefs, over time you will end up adopting the values of the larger cell. The decisions you make, and the actions you take will be determined based on the greater good of the overall group.

So before you market or advertise, you need to do some research, and find out what THEY like & what THEY want!

There’s a commercial rolling on TV right now promoting a new cell phone developed by a brand other than Apple. It depicts a long line of dedicated Apple fans that are anxiously waiting for a store to open in order to grab their new iPhone. As they wait, they are exposed to a number of passerby’s using their new non-Apple product. The large crowd is in awe of the competitors features, but shrugs it off saying that “they’ll add that to the next gen iPhone!”

And they continue to wait in line.

This commercial demonstrates the powerful sense of belonging felt by individuals standing in line for a new product. Apple has done an amazing job with their marketing.

What other organization can you think of that created their own niche of dedicated customers?

Apple has given their buyers not only what they want, but the hope that, in the future, they might create something better. Their technology might be surpassed by the competition, but Apple’s customers rather wait until they catch up.

What a sense of dedication!

First, build a relationship with the masses.

And over time, with enough effort and accurate marketing, I guess you might really be able to say…

“If you build it, they will come.”


A short post for today, but I hope you understand its magnitude.

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Until next time…

Keep it real!


photo credit: CraigMarston via photopin cc

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