It’s Time For Your Small Business to Leverage the “Buy Local” Movement And Triple Your Monthly Sales!

Regardless of your political opinions, the popularity of buying locally produced goods is going to be great for business!

If you don’t start promoting your small business as locally owned, operated, and American, then you are missing out on a chance to double, if not triple your monthly revenue.

Upper class wealthy American, are looking to make a statement. A strong desire to keep their money within the boundaries of the United Sates, will lead to increases in spending at small brick & mortar shops all of the country.

These Mom and Pop establishments, that were once at the mercy of the larger chain stores, now have the ability to steal back those customers that were only concerned about price and not quality. More and more store owners are reporting that an overwhelming amount of past customers, are returning in hopes of keeping their spending money inside the community.

The old saying goes, “Strike while the iron is hot,” and that short phrase could not be any truer than it is today.

As a small business owner, regardless if you sell a product or provide a service, you need to be aggressively advertising, and using the key phrases that the public is looking to hear.

“Made in America”, “Locally Owned”, “Your Money Stays Here”, “Support American Workers”.

No longer is charging a premium for an American made product a deal breaker. As long as the product is of high quality.

Don’t abuse this new found patriotism, and sell junk that doesn’t work!

Build a solid widget, and take your time. Take the production costs, add the labor, and multiply that amount by three.

The only way we will start bringing back jobs to this country, is if we start making a quality product that will last a lifetime!


 photo credit: jhhymas via photopin cc

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