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In an effort to bleed their growing social popularity over to the video scene, has launched a new application called Vine. Vine allows you to create a six second stop motion film using random images to put together a single idea.

I would give you a short tutorial of how it works, but Vine does a pretty good job explaining step by step how the app operates. Just download it, and you’ll see just how easy it is to use.

An article on, did a great job defining the introduction of Vine as the ultimate news gathering app. Twitter is already one of the go-to sources for news. Reporters all over the country, from some of the highest read publications in the world, reference Twitter for breaking news stories. If it happens, it’s going to be blasted all over the internet in the form of  Tweets, favorites, Likes and shares. Vine gives its user the ability to shoot a quick uninterrupted six second video that captures news in real-time. Traffic accidents, celebrity appearances and personal messages can all be recorded, and shared more rapidly than ever before.

Vine will act as a window to reality. People will use this application to release their creative genius into the world. Content will spread, and soon you will be able to catch a glimpse at events that normally would take days to make it into the mainstream media. Obviously Vine isn’t the only video capturing app in existence, but its ease of use, and quick share options linked to Twitter and Facebook, make it one of the coolest.

However, it does have a few shortcomings. As of today, Vine is limited to iPhone users. Like every app, it will eventually become available on Android and Windows devices. Also, it has been quickly infiltrated by the “not so nice” videos you can expect to see when randomly searching the web. Vine is acting quickly to banish users that upload obscene content. There are currently no editing options. You’re finished product is a result of your cameraman skills. But it only takes a few practice sessions to really hone your skills.

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Now the most important part of Vine, at least to me, is the marketing possibilities. When any application has the ability to link itself to your social media pages, you have to examine it in detail. The hardest thing for business owners to find when deciding to incorporate social into their marketing plan is time! Time is the one thin we can’t create, and it is often the determining factor of whether your social media efforts are a success or a complete bust. So any methods we can leverage to share content on multiple profiles with the swipe of a single button, is an amazing thing.

Here are 3 ways you can start using Vine today to promote your business!

1) Product creation

Use Vine to create a six second video depicting how your product is created from start to finish. Remember, you only have six seconds, so take an image at each phase, and watch your work come to life!

2) How To

Similar to option one, but this time show the viewers how to use your product. A six second demo is a great way to unveil a product’s ease of use, reliability and “must have” qualities.

3) Checkout Assist

Shoot a six second video depicting the start to finish process someone will take when purchasing your item. This works well for businesses whose customers might have to place a custom order, or upload an image as an attachment. If you’ve ever had someone report that they didn’t know how to pay, or make a final purchase, Vine has just provided you with the solution.


The Vine application is a welcomed guest to the massive party known as social media. People will quickly come up with hundreds of new and innovative ways to make this app work for their business. Don’t be the last person to jump on board! Take advantage of the tools that are at your disposal. Time will tell if Vine takes off like it’s namesake. But in my opinion, the ability to create an engaging six second stop motion video anytime, and anywhere is too cool not to  get excited about!


Keep your eye out for the latest technology that you can leverage to boost your presence online. Everyday another app, program or gadget is invented that you can use to promote the crap out of your business.

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