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Have you ever heard someone say that persistence pays off? They’re not just blowing smoke up your tailpipe. Skills are acquired, but persistence is what earns you the big bucks. If you really want to reach a level of heightened success, you have to banish all thoughts of quitting.

Before you learn how to become more persistent, you have to understand the true definition of Insanity. One is often confused for the other, but insanity will drown your dreams.

Albert Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. There is a huge gap between keeping your nose to the grindstone, and repeating several mirrored failed attempts. Adopting a persistent mindset means analyzing your misfortunes, and relentlessly working to refine your game plan.

Working smarter not harder is the goal. We all want to experience instant gratification, but when it comes to building an empire, you have to plan on working your butt off. A level of success worth striving for is one that is packed with sacrifice, determination and a ton of persistence.

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Some of us are more prone to throwing in the towel than others. That doesn’t make you’re weak, it means that you are ready to move on to the next project. I never gave my efforts enough time to realize my goal. I grew restless, and wanted to pursue something new. But time and time again, it was proven that I was only a few days of hard work away from a break through. It has been stated that you are closest to reaching your goal at the point when you decide to quit. You know yourself best, so if you are the type of person that gets distracted, charge one of your friends, family or coworkers with the duty of keeping your eyes on the prize.

There is not a single wall that has been dubbed indestructible.  We all come face-to-face with scenarios that seem impossible to scale. I recently bought my son a giant Incredible Hulk fist that says “Hulk Smash!”, every time you punch something. Probably not the best toy to give a two-year old that enjoys terrorizing his sister, but the thing is cool! Now whenever I come up to a road block, I imagine that I have a giant Hulk hand, and bash through that thing like a stack of Lego’s. I’ll slap a picture of my little man in this post so you can get the full feel of the power that is derived from that mammoth green hand.

The last piece of wisdom that I can provide, is to celebrate the crap out of your victories! There is no reason to blanket your accomplishments with a sheet of insignificance. Every success, no matter how small, needs to be celebrated. Plus, you can use that euphoria as motivation. Remember how you felt immediately after your tenacity paid off? Cloud 9 is a reference to the Buddhist level of enlightenment. Enjoy your stay on Cloud 9, and invite everyone that’s important to you to bask in the abundance of joy. You deserve it!

Quitting is easy. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

That’s Science!

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Stay persistent in your reading of this blog and all will be good!

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