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project-eventAre you planning to release something new…

Something exciting? Maybe a kick-ass event that you want everyone to hear about!

Let us help plan, build a strategy, and advertise the release of your new creation.

Whether it’s a product, service, flavor, or design, we want to be involved.

Recognition through media has proven to be the fastest way to get your voice heard by thousands!

Press releases, viral videos, strategic sign placement, social media, in-store promotion, and insane word-of-mouth approval!

We have professional writers on staff that are ready to promote your business!

A press release needs to be written using a very specific outline. They require certain elements be included before a reporter will even consider them for a lead story.

Let’s face it, reporters are often lazy!

You can’t blame them though. I can only imagine what it’s like finding new things to talk about everyday.

That’s why we deliver quality content to their door step!

Get your story heard.