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seo-pageWhat good is having an awesome website, when you make it hard for people to find it?

Google accounts for over 67% of all local search traffic!

That’s a lot!

But Google isn’t magic. The genius engineers at Google designed algorithms (computer code) that scan for indicators on your site that depict its relevance to a search query.

Sounds complicated, but it’s not.

Basically, there are things that NEED to be on your site in order for it to rank high in Google Search. Keyword density/placement, limited use of FLASH, continuous content creation, META keywords/tags, and a strong presence in social media.

If you have an existing site, don’t worry, there is plenty we can do to get that baby ranked on the first page!

In fact, we love a challenge, and our methods work! If you want to increase your business, and buy that new boat, you have to be found where people are looking. Don’t dismiss the power of the internet. It doesn’t matter what you sell, you need to be visible in search to gain some traction.

Every web user must rely on search engines to find the products and services they want. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and bing take the duty of providing the right answer to the internet user’s question or query very seriously.

Professional website designers are paying attention! They constantly tweak client websites & external marketing to accommodate the search engines requests.

Here’s a quick video where I explain SEO in a humorous interview with Sly Stallone!

What’s included in the SEO Package?

  • Industry specific keyword research- Our team will track down and document the most highly searched terms within your industry or niche. Then we run those through several SEO tools, and determine which terms are most relevant for your site. These select keywords are used within your site content to increase exposure on search engines)
  • Website SEO Audit – BBM&A will run your site through a gauntlet of tests to verify essential keyword placement. Our report will generate key information that allows us to determine how searchers are finding your site, and what search engine they used to get there.
  • Issue report findings & formulate SEO attack plan! – A meeting is scheduled either on the phone or in person. It usually takes approximately 45 mins – 1 hr. We display our findings, and suggest some quick fix actions. There are several low cost ways to boost your rankings.
  • The last step will be to integrate our most popular keyword terms into your existing content – Our web design team can quickly update your site.