Simple Trick Reveals How I Saved $3,276.18 On Demographic & Psychographic Research.

Bent Business Marketing

What do your customers think about your business, and why do they buy from you?

If those are the questions you are looking to have answered, then put your checkbooks away!

I know a super secret method that is 100% absolutely FREE…


Even successful business owners hire agencies to gather research on demographics and psychographics of their past, present, and future customers.

They spend a ton of money each quarter developing fancy spreadsheets, pie charts, and tracking systems.



But this one little trick will allow you to invest all of that money in the smartest way possible!

Are you ready for me to reveal my wisdom?

OK. Here it goes!

You ask them!

It’s that simple.

Your customers want to feel like they somehow contributed in the growth of your business.

Don’t be scared to approach them, or even reward them for their efforts.

A free sample, a discount, or a small gift.

They are the experts, and their opinion is worth more to you than any formula or fancy spreadsheet.

Often we think things need to be difficult just because…

they seem too easy!


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