Small Illinois Town Finds Unique Way To Brighten Up The Streets

Small Illinois Town Finds New Way To Brighten Up The StreetsMorrison, IL ~ A small town located approximately 170 miles west of Chicago, has turned their streets into an art gallery.

In an effort to add some color to the community, town leaders decided to host a “Paint the Town 2012” event.

For under $20 the public was able to purchase 5’x5′ sections of street, and paint whatever their creative minds could envision!

Everyone was out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, painting both the streets, as well as each other.

Popular cartoon characters, scenic landscapes, and small business advertisements; thousands of square feet of asphalt was converted into beautiful masterpieces.

I was blown away by the level of talent behind the brushes. Some of the art was very detailed, while others represented a more freestyle form of expression.

What an awesome way to create a WOW factor!

If you ever find yourself driving through the northwest corner of Illinois, be sure to set Morrison on your GPS.

It will be worth the trip!

Here is what my square looked like. I know it’s a shameless promotion for my business, but it was by far the coolest advertising I’ve done yet 🙂

Morrison, IL Pain the Town 2012


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Morrison, IL set the bar pretty high for the surrounding towns.

What an innovative way to stand out!

~ Andy

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