Study Suggests That Women Have A Greater FEAR of Success Than Men

I’m sure Oprah would have a different opinion!

small__7658182562Martina Horner conducted a study that resulted in over two years of research.

Her reports suggested that a woman’s fears are surprisingly related to the consequences of attaining what she wanted most…


When a person becomes “successful” there are both positive and negative things that come along with their new-found glory. A loss of friends that feel they don’t share the same commonalty’s, loss  of popularity, and for women, a loss of femininity.

Women who hold a position of power, are often perceived as less feminine than those that perform what some might dub “lesser work”. That perception has become greatly reduced over time. But, it wasn’t that long ago that the existence of women in the workplace was unheard of.

For that reason, many women develop a fear of what might occur as a result of their hard work and dedication.

Will their husband’s become jealous?

Although today’s workplace is a giant mixer of both sexes, men usually associate success with a form of animalistic family values. A hierarchy develops in the household. The male is more often than not, the “bread-winner”, and the wife fills the role of a home maker. This symbolism fits almost hand-in-hand with the rules of nature. When those rules are overturned, many men develop a feeling of inadequacy. They’ve lost their position, and rank within the family. As a result, they often act in a jealous manner, and begin to lose touch with what really matters the most.

Each others happiness!

For a woman, there is no doubt an increased risk associated with reaching a pinnacle in her professional life.

The theory of Fear of Success, is relatively new. The idea that someone will intentionally sabotage their chances at becoming successful sounds absurd. But, if you sit back and look at individuals who have tasted what it feels like to have money, power, and fame you could imagine the concern associated with the given effects.

Stories are going viral everyday about sex scandals, divorce, drug addiction, and betrayal. Look at the most recent reports of former FBI Director, Ret. General David Petraeus.

Was his affair a result of a high-ranking position, or was it that of weak moral values?

Now I’m not saying everyone that becomes successful turns into Snooki from the Jersey Shore, but temptations present themselves more often to those that have achieved a respected position within their industry or niche.

A man’s description of Fear of Success is often attributed to more cynical attributes. A man will wonder if when success is obtained, it was really all worth it.

The effort, sacrifice, and lost friendships that occurred  in order to achieve it.

Men may not be as fearful as their “better halves”, but each sex has developed a single-minded loss of enthusiasm when they feel they’re getting close to the top. Often quitting just a short time before they reach a point where it’s all about to payoff.

If you are working towards a goal, vision, or dream, don’t let these nasty thoughts creep into you frontal cortex, and trick you into thinking that chasing your destiny is a complete waste of time. By educating yourself about the signs, and fears that will inevitably rear their ugly heads, you can strengthen your defense, and learn to muscle forward!

While women seem to have a harder time coping with the thought of success, that doesn’t mean they have an excuse to quit!

This world is in desperate need of visionaries like yourself.

If you are willing to work hard, and show your peers what you are made of, then to me, the plumbing makes no difference.

Man or woman, let’s unite, educate, and take this world by the balls! There has never been a better time to start building your empire. Today’s business atmosphere is thriving in ingenuity, and if you are smart enough to build your brand by being recognized as trustworthy and honest, then there is no doubt that you will find what you’ve been looking for.



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