The 4 Step Process of Creating Small Business Greatness!

Your pathway to small business success will be revealed!

This is not an Indiana Jones story, but a few simple steps that will lead you down a path towards greatness!

At least I think so.

The success of any endeavor is going to be determined by just a few things.

1) An Awesome Idea

The type of idea that keeps you up at night. I have these all of the time. Some are truly great, where as others were manifested by the amount of wine I drank that evening. Either way, that excitement is what drives you to the next step.

2) Market Analysis

Is there a need for your idea? Does the public want you to create a business and sell to them? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Start by picking the brains of a few of your buddies. Tell them about your idea, and wait for their response. Don’t be disappointed if a few of them tell you it’s “stupid”. Just tell them “your face is stupid!” and walk out the door! No, don’t do that, but move on to the next one. If most of them think your idea is way off the mark, don’t give up. It might just be the way in which you are trying to convey your message. Think about what problems your new product or service will solve. Write those down, and try again. Hopefully this time you get a better response!

3) Work Your Butt Off

12-16 hour days are a must in this phase of business growth. You need to be networking, and telling everyone you meet about your new venture. Don’t be like a little kid stating repeatedly “look at what  I can do…look…look…look!”, but while engaged in casual conversation find a strategic place to nestle your idea in their heads. Show your face, and continue to build awareness. Join local organizations like Rotary, Lions, and definitely your local Chamber of Commerce. Brush up on your public speaking, and leadership skills by signing up for Toastmasters. Just be everywhere your potential customers are. This will be a lifelong task. But once you’re established, you can thin out the load, and only be where you are needed.

4) Repeat!

That’s right! Keep the ideas coming. The logistical side of starting up a new business is crazy boring, but this fourth step will keep you motivated. You’re not going to come up with the next Sham-WOW on your first attempt. So, while all of your other ideas are in the growing phase, be sure to keep launching new ones just in case. Plus, the passion and excitement that comes with every new brainstorm keeps the blood flowing! That’s why I love this business. With every new thought comes with it a chance to be great.

Success can be defined differently by every individual, but greatness is just that…GREAT!

Keep on rocking in the free world.

There has never been a better time to be a dreamer. Challenge the status quo, and create magic!


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As is stated in every Adam Sandler movie “You Can Do It!”


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