The importance of doing what you’re doing, but doing it better! Get it?

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How many times have you tried something, and when it didn’t work, you completely ditched it?


In marketing your ditched efforts tend to be the ones that work the best. All they need is a little tweaking.

If we only learned how to optimize our existing marketing practices, instead of thumbing it to Failville, we would be saving money, as well as noticing a huge return on our investment. Business owner’s tend to lack patience, and are always focused on the money they are spending, rather than the money they are investing.

The best example of the quick reaction ditch move is in print advertising. It tends to play out like this, you sit down to write an ad for the local paper. You author a pretty attractive offer that would make Scrooge McDuck open his checkbook! The benefits are nicely highlighted, and the reader can easily understand how purchasing your product or service will change their life. The ad is submitted to the paper, and now all you have to do is sit back and wait.

The day finally comes, and there it is, right there in black & white for everyone to see!

You wait anxiously by the phone, and watch the door. After a day of patiently waiting for the mass influx of customers, you realize that no one is coming.

What happened? You did everything right!

You chalk it up to a loss, and move on to your next big advertising idea. The ad you worked so hard on has just been ditched, and you vow to never advertise in the paper again!

But what if you the only thing that was preventing that flock of customers from breaking down the door was the headline?

A simple adjustment could mean the difference between a successful ad and a complete dud. Your first attempt was almost spot on! But you failed to optimize, and simply called it quits.

The same is true for your in store sales offer, that buy-one-get-one deal, or your social media contest that you were so excited to launch.

Optimization is all about taking your existing marketing tactic, and making small changes so that it begins to work at an optimum level. In the event one of your genius ideas fails to sell, all you have to do is improve it. Sounds the like “Duh!” statement, but it’s true. The rewards will be great, and your self-esteem will go through the roof.

Here’s a little saying I like to repeat to myself every time I come up with an idea that doesn’t stick the first time.

“It’s only your demise if you fail to revise!”

Patience is truly a virtue. But it can also make you rich.



Albert Einstein defines insanity has doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting the same results.

Are your marketing efforts insane?

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